Last F.O. of 2007---What a year!

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Howdy peeps! In a few short hours 2007 will be history! Let me be the first to break out a little bit of the bubbly and celebrate!! I dont know about you, but this hooker has been busy in '07.

I hope '08 brings many more F.O.'s to my folder as well as yours!!

.......So without further ado, I leave you with my last F.O. of 2007. Rock On!!!

This thread Butterfly will be attached to a macrame ring
and used as a dream catcher. Check back for the final
completed pic with the ring.

My received ROAK

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Look at what I received from Jan in Austrailia!! It is sooo wonderful! Thank you Jan! You R.O.C.K.!!!!

My 2 most favorite things in the whole world...... Morning Glories and Hummingbirds!

I was soo surprised when I received the package.

Your awesome Jan, thank you so much!!!

Instant Gratification...aka Amigurumi Pig

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Here's an instant gratification project, an amigurumi pig for a co-workers Christmas Pressy.

Thread Butterfly

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Well I just finished a Thread Butterfly that I hope to get blocked and ready for Show-n-Tell tomorrow!

Its made completely from graph that I found on a Japanese site. Man, Gotta love those sites!!!

**Update: Finished blocking so I decided to go ahead and post the pic tonight! So excited!!!!


Reindeer Applique

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Here's my finished Reindeer Applique from the current issue of Crochet Today! I originally made this with the idea of sewing it onto a shirt for Christmas, but as he's too large for that, I'm going to have to make another one. But the pattern is so easy and takes no time at all!

So, instead of making the smaller one, I'm just going to go down a couple of hook sizes and still use the large reindeer because I like his antlers better. lol

Snowman Towel Holder

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Snowman Towel Holder
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_ferret

Just in time for winter, this cheerful little fellow arrives! He's super easy to make and works up pretty quickly too. I'm making about 16 of these as Christmas gifts for my fellow co-workers this year.

I usually try and make something within a Snowman theme for all my gifts for work because I want them to be able to use them throughout winter instead of just for the Christmas holiday.

Hook Size: H

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in various colors

Add'l Materials: 4" Macrame Ring, Pompom's and 1 button. Hot glue gun.

This pattern was purchased here at for only .99 cents!!!

Lacy Jacket

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Thank you everyone who stops in to read this blog. I dont post much to this one because I have another full blog I maintain over at:

The only reason I haven't switched over to this one full time is because i'm still not for sure how to operate this thing!

So, I'll try and post to both blogs so no matter which one everyone reads, they'll show the same.

Here's another latest F.O. My Lacy Jacket designed by Doris Chan. It's available for free here:

Yarn: Simply Soft in Orchid
Hook: Boye 'I'
Finished: Completed in 3 days.

Sugar N Cream Summer Top

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Here is my latest finished project: The Sugar N Cream Summer Top. Made with an 'I' hook and Ecru colored SNC yarn.

Butterfly Garden Square

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Well I found this 12" square pattern called The Butterfly Garden. Since I LoooOOOve butterflies I had decided to give it a try and see how it went. .....and I must say that I love it! I'm deciding on making on afghan from it for my 3 neices. Since I've already done the pattern once, It should go faster for me since I've got the basic layout down pat.

....although my square doesn't measure 12" it only measures 10". I should have know to go up a hook size because I crochet very tight and I NEVER get the correct guage on ANY pattern!