Last F.O. of 2007---What a year!

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Howdy peeps! In a few short hours 2007 will be history! Let me be the first to break out a little bit of the bubbly and celebrate!! I dont know about you, but this hooker has been busy in '07.

I hope '08 brings many more F.O.'s to my folder as well as yours!!

.......So without further ado, I leave you with my last F.O. of 2007. Rock On!!!

This thread Butterfly will be attached to a macrame ring
and used as a dream catcher. Check back for the final
completed pic with the ring.

My received ROAK

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Look at what I received from Jan in Austrailia!! It is sooo wonderful! Thank you Jan! You R.O.C.K.!!!!

My 2 most favorite things in the whole world...... Morning Glories and Hummingbirds!

I was soo surprised when I received the package.

Your awesome Jan, thank you so much!!!

Instant Gratification...aka Amigurumi Pig

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Here's an instant gratification project, an amigurumi pig for a co-workers Christmas Pressy.

Thread Butterfly

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Well I just finished a Thread Butterfly that I hope to get blocked and ready for Show-n-Tell tomorrow!

Its made completely from graph that I found on a Japanese site. Man, Gotta love those sites!!!

**Update: Finished blocking so I decided to go ahead and post the pic tonight! So excited!!!!