Last F.O. of 2007---What a year!

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Howdy peeps! In a few short hours 2007 will be history! Let me be the first to break out a little bit of the bubbly and celebrate!! I dont know about you, but this hooker has been busy in '07.

I hope '08 brings many more F.O.'s to my folder as well as yours!!

.......So without further ado, I leave you with my last F.O. of 2007. Rock On!!!

This thread Butterfly will be attached to a macrame ring
and used as a dream catcher. Check back for the final
completed pic with the ring.


Lesalicious said...

Love the butterfly. That's one of my crochet goals this year try dolies great job. Happy New Year, Keep on crocheting:)

Krystal said...

TY Lesa!!! Doilies are pretty easy to do, but wonderful creations when finished!!

Cant wait to see your first!!