Will you....Be My Washcloth?

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:) I found a really cute, fast and easy dishcloth pattern that I just HAD to make but I'm going to use it as a washcloth instead.. This lady designs some really cute ones! I have her Winter Set on my wishlist and hope to make those next. I finished this in 2 nights and I'm a beginner knitter! So if your so inclined, check out the Be My Dishcloth pattern there and be sure to check out all the other dishcloth designs in her series! Happy Knitting everyone!

Needle: Size 4 Straights
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton!
Model: My ironing board *LOL* Dont you love the paisley background design?
Crafting Time: 2 days

Snuggles Project

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In the new year i'm going to make as many snuggle blankets as I possibly can for the Snuggle's Project or Hugs For Homeless Animals for donation to my local animal shelter. These are super simple to make. Even if you are a beginner Crocheter or Knitter. They have a lot of different, easy patterns to choose from. So, if you have a spare moment, why not whip some of these up for donation? The animals will thank you!
My Building Bridges Snuggle being tested by my Ferret, Bo.

Secret Ferret Santa

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I was a secret Santa to Pound Cake the ferret this year. This was the first time I've ever been a Secret Santa to anyone and I enjoyed it so much. Im a really big animal lover and it breaks my heart to hear the sad stories of these ferrets, or any animals for that matter. So, as of today I decided to revist the Ferret Giving Tree and be a Secet Santa to two more ferrets! Their names are Roxy and Jupiter. I hope that all of these ferrets will get Secret Santa's and if they dont, I will be going back to the site even after Christmas to pick more if the Giving Tree is still up until all ferrets get something. So please, if you can and are able, I beg you to pick one of your own and be a Secret Santa to one of these loveable fuzz butts! If you've never been around a ferret, or have never owned one, you dont know what your missing! They really are great pets and give you lots of love!
So I leave you with some pics of Pound Cake that the shelter ferrents(parents) sent to me of the fuzzbutt nosing through the box of goodies that I sent her!

Renaissance Cabled Mug Cozy

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I think my most favorite thing about knitting is Cables! I love them. I love the intricate design they weave thru the yarn. Cables are what pushed me into learning to knit because I loved the designs so much. I do have to admit that I was terrified in learning them and they were really difficult for me at first, but I finally managed! I was surfing around the other night and at the Vogue Knitting website and in their free patterns I found the Renaissance Cabled Mug Cozy (scroll to middle of page). I figured this would be a quick knit for me and a beautiful cabled pattern to boot. Which it was/is! I decided to give this to my co-worker Jo for her oversized-10-gallon-keep-you-caffinated-all-day-coffee-mug. I opted to do buttons for the closure instead of using the string ties as the pattern called for. I remembered buying a pack of really cute buttons at the Dollar Tree sometime back and decided to dig them out and use them. I didnt have any purple thread to match the yarn, but used white instead. It doesnt look to horrid! You can barely tell it. I didnt create any button holes because the pattern had created a nice little place that you could slip the button thru to hold it together all by itself.

Needle Size: 8 Circs
Yarn: Good Ole Red Heart Super Saver
Pattern: Renaissance Cabled Mug Cozy by Knit Picks
Craft Time: 2 days cause I was lazy. Would have only taken a couple of hrs if I kept at it.

Hey, Teach! Progress Pics

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Have I mentioned that I have no idea what i'm doing on this cardigan? *LOL* I should have chosen a slightly-less-intense-for-a-newbie project. Especially not lace I think. But anywho, here's the progress pics.

A Wishlist Surprise!

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This month, I posted my very first Wishlist post in the RAK group on Ravelry. And today, I came home to a mailbox full of goodies from a fellow Raveler named Gayleed. I was tickled pink to receive all this goodness!! I'm so excited, I dont know what to use first! *LOL* I think if I ever get my Hey, Teach! cardigan completed, I shall embark on learning the DPN's. I'm so scared to death of those things! It was hard enough for me learning to use 2 pointy sticks instead of 3 and 4 at a time! It makes my head spin! *LOL* And plus, I'm terrified of my work falling off one of the ends! I cringe at the thought of trying to put those crazy little stitches back onto the needle, which by the way, I ALWAYS put back on WRONG. *LOL* I'm still learning how to do that. Sometimes I do it right, but most times not. *sigh* oh well, its a learning experience.

Just Something Cool I Found While Surfing......

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Here's a great tutorial for a Crochet Hook/Knitting Needle/DPN hook case made out of a recycled hardback book cover and scrap materials. Found here on Craftster. I'm definately gonna make me one too!


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This post is just a rambling, but I just realized something about myself. I realized that out of my several years of crocheting, I've only made 1 Afghan the entire time. And I had to ask myself, "Self? Why havent you completed more than 1 afghan?" Well, I shall tell you why......I...CANT...STAND....WEAVING...IN...THE...ENDS!!!! It drives me nutzoid! I just got my newest issue of Crochet Today and there is a beautiful afghan there made from many different round colored motifs and I got my Red Heart Super Saver out, my J hook and was gonna jump on in until I realized how many bazillion ends there would be to weave in. I bet your asking yourself why I dont just weave them in as I go? Well, I'm lazy. I'm one of these people that loves instant gratification and I somehow think that if I just jump on into making the motifs and not worry about weaving in those pesky ends, I'll get it done quicker. Insane I know, but thats how my brain works. I feel so alone. *LOL*

...Sigh............well, we'll see. I'm not holding my breath and neither should you....unless you like to turn purple. ;-)

Ta Ta!

Yarn Ball Canister

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I came across a fabulous and fast recycled project that has a great purpose! Its a yarn ball canister! This took about an hour to do the entire thing, including drilling the holes. The bottom canister is a recycled CD canister top.
This would be a great homemade gift to give to your favorite yarny! And a great way to destash and recycle, and last but certainly not least, an instant gratification project too!
Get the free pattern here: Yarn Ball Canister
Yarn: Peaches & Creme, Strawberry Cream
Hooks: G and H
Craft Time: About an hour

Hey, Teach!

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Well, I didnt want to blog about another project because here lately they just all to be U.F.O.'s and nothing really blogworthy. But!...BUT! I started on a knitted cardigan called, Hey Teach! I've been lurking on Ravelry the last couple of days looking at all the hundreds of finished ones and all the fabulous colors that their in and decided to embark on a project of a lifetime (for me anyways).

You see, I'm knew to knitting and all the knitting jargon out there, and to be quiet honest, i'm pretty darn proud of myself on how my stockinette stitch looks so even and smooth! I went many times to Knitting Help . Com for various related 'woops!'s that I had to try and fix and figure out just WTF it is I was supposed to be doing. Because, I mean honestly folks, how can you screw up 1 x 1 ribbing I ask?!! Apparently, the genius here can do precisely that! Not only once, but 4 times mind you! f.o.u.r freakn' times!! I was VERY VERY frustrated.
I feel that by the time this is all over and done with (if it ever gets to that point, because right now i'm seriously doubting it) I shall be the queen on ripping out and fixing dropped stitches! Oh, and apparently I suck at following directions and messed up the "next row" after the 8" of stockinette stitch. I mean, [INSERT PALM-TO-FOREHEAD HERE] DOH! You'd figure that after I had read the 1 line of instructions 20 times if not once, i'd have gotten it right. Even after my poor printed out copy of the pattern had all my figures and calculations ALL OVER THE PAGE and I still didnt get it right......Until the lightbulb came on. It was a Kodak Moment if there ever was one folks!

Ferret Sweater

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Great Pattern and my ferrets love it! Well…..maybe not, but mommy sure does!!! LOL They look so adorable with it on! Now if I could only just get them to keep it on and not wiggle out of it!

I'll definately be making more of these. Very easy to do, and this was my first COMPLETED knit project EVER. Even tho I have a couple of knit projects going, none as of yet are completed.

Yarn: Red Heart, Heart & Sole Tequila Sunrise
Needle: Size 3, Susan Bates Quicksilver
Started: November 10th
Finished: November 12th
Modeled By: Sebastian

Fans Bookmark

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Here's a little instant gratification project. I've been wanting to make this for a long while and fell in love with it the first time I'd seen it. Get yours here at Crochetroo's Blog for FREE!

Red Hot Isabeau Purse

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Here's a last minute decision on a WIP. Its the Isabeau Purse. So far, so good! Lets hope this doesn't end up becoming a frogged mess out of frustration.

Update Pic on a WIP and a pic of a WIM

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I've been working for a couple of months of my cable scarf, and after a scary accident of dropping stitches and stuff, I finally learned how to put the stitches back on my needle and I'm back on my way to stitching! I'm not a very fast knitter, so dont laugh when you see the length of the scarf! (teehee) Actually, i'm just learning to Knit and am extremely proud of what i've accomplished so far! And its a Cable scarf to boot!!! woot woot!!

......................And now, here's a project I found while browsing the Lion Brand website for Beginner patterns. I really like this sweater, but I think even tho its labeled as beginner, it may still be way to over my head. I dont know, i'm still thinking about trying it anyways so wish me luck!!!

Here's the WIM that I selected:

Anybody else made this yet?

Does this look right to you?!

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Okay, so I've started on my adventure of a custom top-down raglan. And so far, this (see below) is what I have. I'm not for sure if it looks right..DOES it look right to you?! Any top-down experts out there reading my lonely blog?!

What I guess I'm confused on is the increases. I'm only supposed to have 2 right? For the shoulders? or just how many am I supposed to have? This little diagram thingy Im learning from shows 4 points (increases) like a square. But um...where the heck do I put the other 2??? I dunno, I'm so way confused. I'm just going to continue on the same path that i'm currently taking and see where I end up. Follow the yellow brick road so to speak *snicker*

My First Elann Purchase

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I made my first purchase Yesterday from Elann.com. Since my finances right now are extremely tight, I only got to buy 6 skeins of Sonata in Cape Cod Blue. I've been eyeballing this yarn for quite sometime, even after seeing all the fantabulous projects being made from it. So, I broke down and made a purchase. And to be honest with you, I cant wait for it to get here, i'm so excited!!!! I'll post pics whenever I get the package, and hopefully I wont leave too much of a drool puddle! *LOL*

But, for today I did some guage swatches. In case you dont know, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE doing a guage swatch. Thats why most of my wearbles are either slightly big, or slightly small on me. But!!! I'm trying to retrain myself and start doing swatches. I am also trying to make myself only have 1 WIP at a time going, and to stop having multiple projects going. I find that when I have several going, my tension isn't the same when I go back to working on a specific one because Im normally a very tight crocheter, and when I try to loosen up, I forget how i've done it in that particular project. So therefore, I'm trying to break myself of the habit of multiples. Wish me luck!!

Pumpkin Patch Cap

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Here's a quick little hat that I whipped up for Alex, the neighbors little girl for Halloween! Isn't she just cute as a button?!

Pattern: Crochet Today Magazine Sept/Oct '08
Hook: G
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites in Orange and Green
Time: About 1 1/2 hrs.

Comfy Pullover

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I had started this pullover in August of 2007 but just never got around to finishing it. Just like all my other projects, I got bored and tossed it aside to finish at a later date. So today, i'm proud to show of my FINALLY finished Comfy Pullover!

Yarn: RH Ocean

Hook: J

Pattern: Strip It Up with Red Heart Strata Booklet

Rustica Step-By-Step Socks

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Here's my complete Rustica Step-By-Step Socks made from the current issue of Crochet Today.
C Hook
Red Heart, Heart and Sole Sock Yarn 1 1/4 Skeins
Started: August 15
Finished: September 16

I'm in trouble.....

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......I went out and bought some TLC Amore yarn a couple of weeks ago. I found a fantabulous sweater inside of Crochet Today Magazine Sept/Oct '08 edition that I want to make called Perfect Fall Sweater. The only problem is that Hobby Lobby is discontinuing this type of yarn and the only color I could find enough skeins of to make this sweater is in Black.

Stupid me thought that 'oh yeah! That'll be a great color!' ...only because I have nothing in my wardrobe black. Not only is black hard to see your stitches in, but this yarn is such a soft and fuzzy type that its near to impossible to see what your doing. Dont get me wrong, I love this yarn but I should have known better. I wear glasses anyways, but now I may need bifocals after/when I'm done with this project.

....I'm almost thinking about waiting until I can find a different type of yarn, but I really dont want to! (stomps foot and throws a hissy fit) I. WANT. TO. MAKE. THIS. SWEATER. IN. THIS. YARN!!!!!!


Imitation Tawashi Scrubber

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Okay, here's my first attempt at a Japanese Tawashi Scrubber. Um.....well, I love the scrubbers, but mine kinda sucks. Even looks a little sickly. I pulled the end reaaaally tight but somehow I still ended up with a big gaping hole in the middle instead of a nice tight circle. *sigh* Oh well!

I had a hard time understanding exactly where i was supposed to be weaving in the ends to construct the "spiral" but I think i finially managed it. There super quick to make and I'm thinking this could be part of my 'Co-Worker Christmas Packages' to give out at work.

Yarn: Sugar N Cream Worsted Weight Cotton

Hook: 'I' Hook

Measures: Approx 4" Wide

I did find a Japanese pattern book online with all the different little scrubbies in there and the original Tawashi Knot Scrubber is there so I think i'm gonna try my newely acquired knitting skills at making one of those.

I Cant Believe I'm Knitting......

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......And Cabling too!! Here's the start of my first-ever Knit/Cable Project. Soon to be a scarf! (I Hope)

Lacy Swing Top

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Here's my finished top from the Sept/Oct '07 issue of Crochet Today Magazine.

Hook: Size E Boye
Yarn: Red Heart Lustersheen in Tea Leaf
Started: March 08
Finished: June 08

Bozo The Clown

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I present my first, Bozo The Clown!

Hook: Size G

Yarn: Various Red Heart Yarns in my stash

Started: Mid May

Finished: June 8th.

Resource: Creative Crochet hardback book from Leisure Arts ISBN: 0-942237-62-5

Angel Dream Catcher

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Another finished project I loved making.

Hook: Susan Bates Size 10 Steel
Thread: Aunt Lydia Classic Crochet Cotton Size 10
Notions: 12" Macrame Hoop

Sammy The Seahorse

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Look at Sammy the Seahorse! Isn't he just adorable??!!!

Walking After Midnight-By Doris Chan

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WHEW! I'm finally finished a project! I cant believe it! I'm just so thrilled at myself. I have tons of 95% finished projects but non thats 100%.
So, without further ado, I show you another fantabulous creation by Doris Chan (I LOVE LOVE LOVE her patterns!) This is the Walking After Midnight skirt.

Yarn: Patons Grace
Color: Lavendar
Hook: Boye Size G
# of Skeins: 6
Started: January 08
Finished: April 08 (I'm slow)

Navaho Rug

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Navaho Jacket
Originally uploaded by fuzzy_ferret
Well, I’ve had this WIP in my pile for a VERY VERY long time. It was supposed to be a Navaho Jacket, but halfway thru the process of working on it, I got bored (go figure) and lost interest in in. So today, I got it out and decided to call it quits and turn it into a rug.

And what a great rug it makes too! Its a very beautiful pattern. Made out of my favorite colors, its a great Native American pattern style!

So for today, I leave you with a Jacket-turned Rug finished project!

Lacy Swing Top

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Whew! Boy its been a long time since my last blog.......After Chistmas i was so worn out from Crocheting i just had to give it a break. So, now i'm back with a big project on my hook that I cant wait to get completed! Its the Lacy Swing Top from the August 2007 Issue of Crochet Today. I've had my eye on this one for quite a while and i'm pleased to announce that I've gotten started!

So, now on to the yarn......

I chose the exact same color and yarn the model is made in.

  • Red Heart Lustersheen in Tea Leaf

  • Size E Boye crochet hook

So for now, i'll leave you with a pic of the first completed square for the front. Check back soon for the completed project!!!