Does this look right to you?!

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Okay, so I've started on my adventure of a custom top-down raglan. And so far, this (see below) is what I have. I'm not for sure if it looks right..DOES it look right to you?! Any top-down experts out there reading my lonely blog?!

What I guess I'm confused on is the increases. I'm only supposed to have 2 right? For the shoulders? or just how many am I supposed to have? This little diagram thingy Im learning from shows 4 points (increases) like a square. But um...where the heck do I put the other 2??? I dunno, I'm so way confused. I'm just going to continue on the same path that i'm currently taking and see where I end up. Follow the yellow brick road so to speak *snicker*

My First Elann Purchase

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I made my first purchase Yesterday from Since my finances right now are extremely tight, I only got to buy 6 skeins of Sonata in Cape Cod Blue. I've been eyeballing this yarn for quite sometime, even after seeing all the fantabulous projects being made from it. So, I broke down and made a purchase. And to be honest with you, I cant wait for it to get here, i'm so excited!!!! I'll post pics whenever I get the package, and hopefully I wont leave too much of a drool puddle! *LOL*

But, for today I did some guage swatches. In case you dont know, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE doing a guage swatch. Thats why most of my wearbles are either slightly big, or slightly small on me. But!!! I'm trying to retrain myself and start doing swatches. I am also trying to make myself only have 1 WIP at a time going, and to stop having multiple projects going. I find that when I have several going, my tension isn't the same when I go back to working on a specific one because Im normally a very tight crocheter, and when I try to loosen up, I forget how i've done it in that particular project. So therefore, I'm trying to break myself of the habit of multiples. Wish me luck!!

Pumpkin Patch Cap

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Here's a quick little hat that I whipped up for Alex, the neighbors little girl for Halloween! Isn't she just cute as a button?!

Pattern: Crochet Today Magazine Sept/Oct '08
Hook: G
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Brites in Orange and Green
Time: About 1 1/2 hrs.

Comfy Pullover

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I had started this pullover in August of 2007 but just never got around to finishing it. Just like all my other projects, I got bored and tossed it aside to finish at a later date. So today, i'm proud to show of my FINALLY finished Comfy Pullover!

Yarn: RH Ocean

Hook: J

Pattern: Strip It Up with Red Heart Strata Booklet

Rustica Step-By-Step Socks

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Here's my complete Rustica Step-By-Step Socks made from the current issue of Crochet Today.
C Hook
Red Heart, Heart and Sole Sock Yarn 1 1/4 Skeins
Started: August 15
Finished: September 16

I'm in trouble.....

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......I went out and bought some TLC Amore yarn a couple of weeks ago. I found a fantabulous sweater inside of Crochet Today Magazine Sept/Oct '08 edition that I want to make called Perfect Fall Sweater. The only problem is that Hobby Lobby is discontinuing this type of yarn and the only color I could find enough skeins of to make this sweater is in Black.

Stupid me thought that 'oh yeah! That'll be a great color!' ...only because I have nothing in my wardrobe black. Not only is black hard to see your stitches in, but this yarn is such a soft and fuzzy type that its near to impossible to see what your doing. Dont get me wrong, I love this yarn but I should have known better. I wear glasses anyways, but now I may need bifocals after/when I'm done with this project.

....I'm almost thinking about waiting until I can find a different type of yarn, but I really dont want to! (stomps foot and throws a hissy fit) I. WANT. TO. MAKE. THIS. SWEATER. IN. THIS. YARN!!!!!!


Imitation Tawashi Scrubber

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Okay, here's my first attempt at a Japanese Tawashi Scrubber. Um.....well, I love the scrubbers, but mine kinda sucks. Even looks a little sickly. I pulled the end reaaaally tight but somehow I still ended up with a big gaping hole in the middle instead of a nice tight circle. *sigh* Oh well!

I had a hard time understanding exactly where i was supposed to be weaving in the ends to construct the "spiral" but I think i finially managed it. There super quick to make and I'm thinking this could be part of my 'Co-Worker Christmas Packages' to give out at work.

Yarn: Sugar N Cream Worsted Weight Cotton

Hook: 'I' Hook

Measures: Approx 4" Wide

I did find a Japanese pattern book online with all the different little scrubbies in there and the original Tawashi Knot Scrubber is there so I think i'm gonna try my newely acquired knitting skills at making one of those.