Does this look right to you?!

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Okay, so I've started on my adventure of a custom top-down raglan. And so far, this (see below) is what I have. I'm not for sure if it looks right..DOES it look right to you?! Any top-down experts out there reading my lonely blog?!

What I guess I'm confused on is the increases. I'm only supposed to have 2 right? For the shoulders? or just how many am I supposed to have? This little diagram thingy Im learning from shows 4 points (increases) like a square. But um...where the heck do I put the other 2??? I dunno, I'm so way confused. I'm just going to continue on the same path that i'm currently taking and see where I end up. Follow the yellow brick road so to speak *snicker*


Dana said...

Not that I'm an expert... but in all top-down patterns I've made you definitely have four. You're going to be working in the round, since you're chaining the neck to start with. You should have one increase for each of the front of the shoulders, and one at each back of shoulder- a total of 4. I know you're not but an occasional knitter but if you look through some top-down knitting patterns it should clear things up for you, construction-wise.

entrelac said...


If you're making just a front piece or just a back piece, it looks entirely correct to me.

If you're making the entire top part (front, back, and both shoulders) all at once, then you're missing one of the four 'sides' your fabric should have.

That's the best way to think of top-down raglan shaping -- you're making four separate sections all at the same time, each section separated from its neighbor by the increases.

Hope this helps. :)