I'm in trouble.....

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......I went out and bought some TLC Amore yarn a couple of weeks ago. I found a fantabulous sweater inside of Crochet Today Magazine Sept/Oct '08 edition that I want to make called Perfect Fall Sweater. The only problem is that Hobby Lobby is discontinuing this type of yarn and the only color I could find enough skeins of to make this sweater is in Black.

Stupid me thought that 'oh yeah! That'll be a great color!' ...only because I have nothing in my wardrobe black. Not only is black hard to see your stitches in, but this yarn is such a soft and fuzzy type that its near to impossible to see what your doing. Dont get me wrong, I love this yarn but I should have known better. I wear glasses anyways, but now I may need bifocals after/when I'm done with this project.

....I'm almost thinking about waiting until I can find a different type of yarn, but I really dont want to! (stomps foot and throws a hissy fit) I. WANT. TO. MAKE. THIS. SWEATER. IN. THIS. YARN!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

The only suggestions I have for working with black is to have a white or light colored cloth behind the work so you can see the stitches better. That is how I do it.