Imitation Tawashi Scrubber

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Okay, here's my first attempt at a Japanese Tawashi Scrubber. Um.....well, I love the scrubbers, but mine kinda sucks. Even looks a little sickly. I pulled the end reaaaally tight but somehow I still ended up with a big gaping hole in the middle instead of a nice tight circle. *sigh* Oh well!

I had a hard time understanding exactly where i was supposed to be weaving in the ends to construct the "spiral" but I think i finially managed it. There super quick to make and I'm thinking this could be part of my 'Co-Worker Christmas Packages' to give out at work.

Yarn: Sugar N Cream Worsted Weight Cotton

Hook: 'I' Hook

Measures: Approx 4" Wide

I did find a Japanese pattern book online with all the different little scrubbies in there and the original Tawashi Knot Scrubber is there so I think i'm gonna try my newely acquired knitting skills at making one of those.