My First Elann Purchase

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I made my first purchase Yesterday from Since my finances right now are extremely tight, I only got to buy 6 skeins of Sonata in Cape Cod Blue. I've been eyeballing this yarn for quite sometime, even after seeing all the fantabulous projects being made from it. So, I broke down and made a purchase. And to be honest with you, I cant wait for it to get here, i'm so excited!!!! I'll post pics whenever I get the package, and hopefully I wont leave too much of a drool puddle! *LOL*

But, for today I did some guage swatches. In case you dont know, I absolutely HATE HATE HATE doing a guage swatch. Thats why most of my wearbles are either slightly big, or slightly small on me. But!!! I'm trying to retrain myself and start doing swatches. I am also trying to make myself only have 1 WIP at a time going, and to stop having multiple projects going. I find that when I have several going, my tension isn't the same when I go back to working on a specific one because Im normally a very tight crocheter, and when I try to loosen up, I forget how i've done it in that particular project. So therefore, I'm trying to break myself of the habit of multiples. Wish me luck!!