Yarn Ball Canister

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I came across a fabulous and fast recycled project that has a great purpose! Its a yarn ball canister! This took about an hour to do the entire thing, including drilling the holes. The bottom canister is a recycled CD canister top.
This would be a great homemade gift to give to your favorite yarny! And a great way to destash and recycle, and last but certainly not least, an instant gratification project too!
Get the free pattern here: Yarn Ball Canister
Yarn: Peaches & Creme, Strawberry Cream
Hooks: G and H
Craft Time: About an hour

Hey, Teach!

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Well, I didnt want to blog about another project because here lately they just all to be U.F.O.'s and nothing really blogworthy. But!...BUT! I started on a knitted cardigan called, Hey Teach! I've been lurking on Ravelry the last couple of days looking at all the hundreds of finished ones and all the fabulous colors that their in and decided to embark on a project of a lifetime (for me anyways).

You see, I'm knew to knitting and all the knitting jargon out there, and to be quiet honest, i'm pretty darn proud of myself on how my stockinette stitch looks so even and smooth! I went many times to Knitting Help . Com for various related 'woops!'s that I had to try and fix and figure out just WTF it is I was supposed to be doing. Because, I mean honestly folks, how can you screw up 1 x 1 ribbing I ask?!! Apparently, the genius here can do precisely that! Not only once, but 4 times mind you! f.o.u.r freakn' times!! I was VERY VERY frustrated.
I feel that by the time this is all over and done with (if it ever gets to that point, because right now i'm seriously doubting it) I shall be the queen on ripping out and fixing dropped stitches! Oh, and apparently I suck at following directions and messed up the "next row" after the 8" of stockinette stitch. I mean, [INSERT PALM-TO-FOREHEAD HERE] DOH! You'd figure that after I had read the 1 line of instructions 20 times if not once, i'd have gotten it right. Even after my poor printed out copy of the pattern had all my figures and calculations ALL OVER THE PAGE and I still didnt get it right......Until the lightbulb came on. It was a Kodak Moment if there ever was one folks!

Ferret Sweater

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Great Pattern and my ferrets love it! Well…..maybe not, but mommy sure does!!! LOL They look so adorable with it on! Now if I could only just get them to keep it on and not wiggle out of it!

I'll definately be making more of these. Very easy to do, and this was my first COMPLETED knit project EVER. Even tho I have a couple of knit projects going, none as of yet are completed.

Yarn: Red Heart, Heart & Sole Tequila Sunrise
Needle: Size 3, Susan Bates Quicksilver
Started: November 10th
Finished: November 12th
Modeled By: Sebastian