Ferret Sweater

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Great Pattern and my ferrets love it! Well…..maybe not, but mommy sure does!!! LOL They look so adorable with it on! Now if I could only just get them to keep it on and not wiggle out of it!

I'll definately be making more of these. Very easy to do, and this was my first COMPLETED knit project EVER. Even tho I have a couple of knit projects going, none as of yet are completed.

Yarn: Red Heart, Heart & Sole Tequila Sunrise
Needle: Size 3, Susan Bates Quicksilver
Started: November 10th
Finished: November 12th
Modeled By: Sebastian


Anonymous said...

I LOVE!!!!!

The Elusive Loo said...

Very cute!

Ang said...

Hey Krystal.I have to tell you this is the cutest Ferret in the world.I love the sweater.I wish I could crochet.All I can do is knit and only in a straight line.HeHe.Anyway I couldn't see a place to subscribe to your blog so I have added your blog site to my blog list on my blog instead.I hope thatis okay with you.Swapbot:Ang73