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This post is just a rambling, but I just realized something about myself. I realized that out of my several years of crocheting, I've only made 1 Afghan the entire time. And I had to ask myself, "Self? Why havent you completed more than 1 afghan?" Well, I shall tell you why......I...CANT...STAND....WEAVING...IN...THE...ENDS!!!! It drives me nutzoid! I just got my newest issue of Crochet Today and there is a beautiful afghan there made from many different round colored motifs and I got my Red Heart Super Saver out, my J hook and was gonna jump on in until I realized how many bazillion ends there would be to weave in. I bet your asking yourself why I dont just weave them in as I go? Well, I'm lazy. I'm one of these people that loves instant gratification and I somehow think that if I just jump on into making the motifs and not worry about weaving in those pesky ends, I'll get it done quicker. Insane I know, but thats how my brain works. I feel so alone. *LOL*

...Sigh............well, we'll see. I'm not holding my breath and neither should you....unless you like to turn purple. ;-)

Ta Ta!


Anonymous said...

LOL! I dislike weaving in ends as well, I usually weave as I go. Sometimes the sufferage is worth it