Will you....Be My Washcloth?

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:) I found a really cute, fast and easy dishcloth pattern that I just HAD to make but I'm going to use it as a washcloth instead.. This lady designs some really cute ones! I have her Winter Set on my wishlist and hope to make those next. I finished this in 2 nights and I'm a beginner knitter! So if your so inclined, check out the Be My Dishcloth pattern there and be sure to check out all the other dishcloth designs in her series! Happy Knitting everyone!

Needle: Size 4 Straights
Yarn: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton!
Model: My ironing board *LOL* Dont you love the paisley background design?
Crafting Time: 2 days


Anonymous said...

How pretty!!!! It could be framed!

knitguyla said...

I love the designer's blog. I bought her Christmas cloths and a bunch of cotton but never got to them. If I start now I may finish a few sets for next Christmas. Your cloth is perfect for Valentine's Day. I love little projects like that.

Anonymous said...
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