A Wishlist Surprise!

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This month, I posted my very first Wishlist post in the RAK group on Ravelry. And today, I came home to a mailbox full of goodies from a fellow Raveler named Gayleed. I was tickled pink to receive all this goodness!! I'm so excited, I dont know what to use first! *LOL* I think if I ever get my Hey, Teach! cardigan completed, I shall embark on learning the DPN's. I'm so scared to death of those things! It was hard enough for me learning to use 2 pointy sticks instead of 3 and 4 at a time! It makes my head spin! *LOL* And plus, I'm terrified of my work falling off one of the ends! I cringe at the thought of trying to put those crazy little stitches back onto the needle, which by the way, I ALWAYS put back on WRONG. *LOL* I'm still learning how to do that. Sometimes I do it right, but most times not. *sigh* oh well, its a learning experience.


knitguyla said...

I highly recommend bamboo DPN's for a first project. They're not slippery and nothing falls off them. You lose a little speed but that's not the focus when you first start using them. Caution, socks are addictive!

Krystal said...

Sweeeeeeeeeet!!! I love contests!! I cant wait!