Bunny Slope Mitts

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Wow, I didn't realize it has been that long since my last post. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to do much crafting to actually finish anything because of work. I'm having to work 7 days a week starting this week until Christmas! YIKES!

But, I did finish the Bunny Slope Mitts from the newest issue of Crochet Today on my lunchbreak at work today. I was so excited about these. They are so soft and thick! This is the 2nd Tunisian Crochet project I've ever done. Mine didn't come out looking square-ish like the ones in the magazine which is good because I didn't like them like that anyways. So maybe I wasn't doing the Tunisian right but turned out for the better? Not sure on that, but either way they turned out awesome and I love them!

I wanted to make the ladies at my church each a pair of these but because of work, they may end up getting them for a New Year's present. That's even if I have time to even start on any of them.

I hope everyone is busy crafting for the holidays and can't wait to see y'alls finished projects!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours and be safe!


Pre-Wash and Block Photos

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All squares are finished and the ends woven in. I took a few photos to show the general layout of how the squares will be put together. These photos are the before washing and blocking but I was just excited and wanted to show how they looked! So now their off to the washing machine and I've got to find a way to block all 30 squares (at one time hopefully). Then it's onto sewing them together and putting on the border!




Another Update for the Rich Mitered Crochet Throw

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Finally! The squares are all done!! Since it is so late in the evening, 8:00 pm EST, they will be throwed in the washing machine tomorrow for a good cleaning and then onto blocking!

For this project I'm going to make 1 extra square. I want to kill the acrylic on this one to see how it looks and if the stitches still stand out pretty. RH Super Saver will soften up after washing, but I don't want to wait for that to happen. When you kill acrylic, it softens up beautifully and drapes great! Since its already been pretty chilly here lately I want to be able to snuggle up in my throw as soon as it's completed!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get 2 pics posted. 1 as-is and the other 'killed'. LOL That sounds so evil!

Hope everybody is having a great evening! Happy crafting!

Rich Mitered Crochet Throw-Update

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....Way back on February 4th (according to my Ravelry Notebook) I started on the Rich Mitered Crochet Throw. From that time until last night, September 26th, I had only 8 squares completed (see THIS POST on the photo of the square). So, I decided to reacquaint myself with this project. I finished 2 more squares for a total of 10 out of 30 needed.

Now this project is a breeze and should be absolutely gorgeous when finished. That's not what the problem is. It's just that I despise having to make 40 gazillion squares! Does anyone else have this problem? I love granny squares, don't get me wrong. Their so versatile and easy. I think I have that "2nd syndrome". You know, the one just like the "2nd sock syndrome" they always talk about in knitting?

So, what I did first thing this morning is I went and created a ticker thing and put it at the bottom of my page. I thought that this might motivate me to get this project finished and wiped off the slate of 'Things To Finish' if I could see how close I was to getting it done.

I am weaving in the ends as I complete each square just like was suggested. I'm really having to make myself stick to that because I'm so anxious to get on with the next square I just want to leave it till the end. But again, I know if I don't it'll never get done.

And here's another thought of mine. After all squares are complete I'm going to wash them and then block. But how the heck am I gonna block all 30 squares? I don't have anything big enough to put all 30 on and I'm not sure how long it takes for acrylic to dry? Any thoughts? I hate to do only a few at a time, but at this point that looks like that's gonna have to be the way.


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I won a pattern leaflet called Sprite Cap #208 QK by Jil Eaton's Minnowknits. It was a giveaway that was featured on the Knit Simple website back in March.

I couldn't believe it! I don't EVER win anything and I'm just tickled pink!

Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan 2nd Update

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I forgot to post the pic of the finished step 2. This step was making the left front yoke, the left back yoke and dividing for the neck. Within this step it involved short row shaping which was the first time I've ever done this in knitting. I was quite scared at first, but I think I did rather well. I think once I start the right sleeve it should all go more quicker than the first time around since I already know what needs to be done and how to do it!

I've been feeling really down the past week since I lost my job. Well, rather I quit my job of 9 years. And so no further progress has been done on starting the right sleeve. Hopefully within the next few days I will have something to show you guys!

Until then, happy crafting!


Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan Update

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As of today I finished up the first part of step 2. After casting on those 5 extra stitches at the beginning of each row, I had to work pattern until it measured out 16 1/2 inches which I finished up this morning. Now I have to start dividing for the neck.

Here's what it looks like so far:


Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan

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Happy Sunday everyone! Its been a while since my last post. I wish I had a F.O. to show you all, but as usual....there are none. YET! I have a couple of things in the works that's around 90% finished. One is a beautiful doily, and the other is a knit/crochet cardigan. So check back soon on those for a completed pic.

But for now, I wanted to show you something else that I started. A friend at work showed me this cardigan last Thursday and I KNEW I had to make it. I just hope I can get this one completed without any problems. I've read through the whole pattern to see what the stitches and schematics are, and even though there are a couple of stitches used that I've never done before, It's coming only quite splendid! So far I'm about 6 1/2" into the left sleeve which is where you start in the pattern first. I need to get to 10" before I CO for the yoke. Now this is where I'm going to have a lot of problems. I don't know how to cast on again in the middle of a project :(

So I'll need to go check out youtube or somewhere to get some info. I'm a visual learner!

To see the pattern, go here: Cable-Sleeve Cardigan.

Here's a quick pic I took of what I've done so far. Tell me what y'all think!


Paperback Swap

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Are you a member of the Paperback Swap? I am an avid reader of the Harelquin Presents book and have TONS AND TONS of books. I don't have any listed as of yet because I don't have time. But just email me and let me know what your looking for and I'm pretty sure I'll have it. I usually buy all of them that's published for each month. All of these books are in 'Like-New' condition because they've only been read once.

I also have lots of Historical Romances too, and I don't have them all listed on there either.

If you want any books, I only have 1 condition. That is you request them through the Paperbackswap.com website. That way I can get the credits so I can request more books for myself to read. You can find me at Fuzzy Ferret. Just remember, I don't have lots of books posted. But just ask me what your looking for and I'll see what I have. Especially the Harlequin Presents books.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Finished Crochet Lacy Cardigan

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As promised, here she is! Finally finished after almost 2 months.


Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Plum
Hook: Crochet hook size K
Pattern: Crochet Lacy Top by Doris Chan
Craft Time: Started: June 12th.....Finished: August 2nd

Mods: Left off the sleeves and added a row of single crochet around the arms. Otherwise, per pattern.

Very easy pattern! Would love to do it again in a lighter weight yarn and add the sleeves to see how it would come out.

Nothing new....as of yet. Just rambling.

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Good morning everyone on this rainy Sunday morning in Southeast Tennessee! Its been a little while since my last post and just wanted to write something so y'all wouldn't think I've totally abandoned my blog.

I have a couple of different things on my hook and needles that (hopefully) I will get to blog about and post pictures soon. Well, on one of the projects anyway. I'm working on the Crochet Lacy Top Cardigan by Doris Chan. She is one of my favorite designers! She has lots of great patterns which have beautiful results and are easy to follow!

I must admit tho, I'm not really fond of the color I chose. Its a deep purple in LB Cotton Ease. The yarn is too dark to show off the stitch definition. But since this thing is 95% complete, you'd have thought I would have done something about it and switched the yarn color a long time ago in the project. But, I didn't. So therefore I must live with my choice. *sigh* Life is hard, isn't it?! Decisions, decisions!

....Well next up is the project on my needles. As you all know from a previous post I made on the Hey Teach! (Click the link to see previous post) I had tons and tons of trouble when it came to the armhole shaping on the lace pattern. Well nothing has changed there AGAIN this time around either. But! BUT!!!!! I have to say (quite proudly too) that I'm past that point now on the 3rd try of this Cardigan. When I got back to that point I still had problems. I bet I ripped that sucker out about 10 times already. But this time around I got smart. I inserted a lifeline at the point where I bound off for the armhole shaping. So when I ripped back all those times, I didn't have to redo the whole darn thing. And this time, I bought me a pack of graph paper and I sat down and reworked on where I needed to start when I BO the required # of stitches. That's where My problem has been all along. It's not the lace pattern that's the problem. It is just my ignorance in where to pick back up in the pattern after binding off. Does that make sense to anyone else, or just my warped brain?

I still didn't quite get it all right. I had 1 extra stitch than what I was supposed to have. I figured I could live with it because this is as good as its gonna get folks. Seriously.

So, I'm trudging along quite nicely on it now. I worked on it until 1:30 this morning! Yikes! No wonder I'm still so sleepy this morning!

So keep checking back in the next few days to see the completed Crocheted Cardigan. I just hate to stop on the knitting when I'm on such a role to try and finish up the other project. But, it must be done!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

They made it!

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Finally finished the 2nd Mitten today, so I officially have a pair! Yeah me!

Seriously tho, this pattern was too way confusing to be a level 1. Its not the stitches that are hard, its just the way that it was written. Especially if your not that advanced at reading a knit pattern. But once I worked the first pattern repeat, it clicked and got easier from there.

I'm seriously thinking about tackling more of these bad boys for some ladies at my Church for Christmas gifts but only in a wool blend yarn. The only thing is, I've never made anything for these ladies and it would really chap my behind if they weren't appreciated. I stopped making things for my family for just this reason. They don't seem to understand the love and hard work that goes into making an item and then have it cast aside unappreciated.

Enough babbling, now onto the pic!

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Orchid
Needle: Size 6 for the ribbing, Size 8 for the rest. Done with my new set of Knit Picks Options Needles
Pattern: Caron Cabled Mittens
Craft Time: Started July 5th, Finished July 17th.


EDITED TO ADD: Oh! In my last post I had asked the question of how do I CO in the middle of the project? Well, while trying to work on another project called the February Lady Sweater, there was a technique, and the link, listed within the pattern that shows you how to CO for a buttonhole. Well, since I only needed to CO 2 stitches in the middle I used this method and wooooot!! It worked and the hole on the 2nd mitten is gone! It worked wonders. Maybe give it a try. Here's the actual link that was within the February Lady Sweater pattern. Buttonhole Knit over One Row

One made it. Will the other?!

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Finished the first one. Now lets see if the second one comes alive! I really need to get better at sewing! The sewn side looks horrible! But considering its just a test project and I will wear them regardless I suppose its irrelevant.



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So, I had this great idea you see. It is as follows:

1. Find a knitted mitten pattern *Check*
2. Find a reaaaaaaaaallly EASY knitted mitten pattern. *Um,..CHECK. Or so I thought*
3. Gather Supplies *Check*
4. Cast on *Check*
5. Attempt to even understand enough to get to the thumb gusset *Check*---Whew!
6. Screw it up. *Check* LOL

...So, you see my great idea? It's like all the other bazillion projects I have going that I never finish because I screw up, get frustrated and think evil thoughts, then cast aside....unfinished. LOL

But I must say. I'm quite pleased with my progress even tho I've struggled every step of the way through this whole disastrous thing.

The project is rated as a level 1 for beginner. Well, let me just tell you. Me personally? I would definitely rate it as a level 3.

But never fear. I.WILL.FINISH.MITTEN. Notice that the word MITTEN is not plural. :P

I have extremely cold hands during the winter. So I figured if I start now, they just might get done by this winter season. But um...don't hold your breath ok?

We'll see. Tell me what y'all think. Any tips or advice? I'm all ears.

PS...I do have one problem. How the heck do I Cast On in the MIDDLE of the project? I did it in a way that I thought was right, but is definitely wrong because it left a big hole in my project (where I divided for the thumb gusset and had to CO 2 extra stitches).


Happy Fourth Everyone!

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I actually have a couple of things to blog about this week! I just celebrated a birthday yesterday and received an awesome present from my wonderful boyfriend! I've had my eye on Knit Picks' Options interchangeable knitting needle set for over a year now. I was so excited to receive them in the mail for my birthday! Of course, I knew I was getting them because he's clueless on anything yarn or yarn related. Don't get me wrong, he encourages me and my hobby but is totally clueless on any of the notions and gadgets and gizmo's I need to get the project completed. So hence me ordering the needles for myself. To see what my present consisted of, go here: Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

Also, my dad took me out to eat! And y'all know me, I love food and CANNOT pass it up. Trust me. It's totally true. While I was at work, my co-worker Julie made me the MOST AWESOMEST Banana Split Ice Cream Cake. Y'all I'm not kidding. IT. WAS. TO. DIE. FOR. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Needless to say, I had 2 helpings. And they were not small either ;-P

And I finally finished the Seashell Pillow from the current July/August issue of Crochet Today! I.LOVE.THIS.PILLOW. The designer did a fantabulous job on it. Its very cleverly constructed. And so easy! But, me being the terrific, most awesomest sister on the planet, I gifted it to my oldest sister Rhonda. She loves seashells so it was a given. I must admit, it started out as a project for me, myself and I but I knew in my heart I had to give it up. But that just gives me the excuse to make another for myself!! :-)

I just want to say one thing that I did differently on this project. Actually it was a mistake, but a good one! I actually 'killed' the acrylic yarn. I think that's the correct term they use. I spread it out on my ironing board and laid a thin bandana on top so the iron did not touch the acrylic directly and steamed iron the piece flat. It set the stitches and made it so soft and pliable. Before, it was all stiff (which acrylic tends to be) and curled up so badly it was horrific. This made the entire thing so soft and lay down flat. I would recommend doing it. Just wanted to throw that out there.

So I'll close with the pic of the pillow and I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day!


Swingy Summer Skirt and Fetch!

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I have 2 F.O's to post about this time around. Amazing eh? Yeah, I think so too.

The first is the Summer Swing Skirt by Doris Chan from the newest issue of Crochet Today. This was the fastest wearable I believe I've ever worked on. It only had 29 rounds to the entire thing. I like projects like that, don't you?

So, a little about the project:

Yarn: I Love This Cotton! Lime Ombre
Pattern: Swingy Summer Skirt by Doris Chan (Crochet Today July/Aug 09)
Hook Size: J Crochet hook
Started: June 7
Finished: June 10.


Next up is a Dog Bone toy that I started back sometime last month and finished it in one day but never got around to sewing or stuffing it. So today I decided was the day to finish it! My dog Wyzer LOVES it! He hasn't stopped playing with it. Which makes me happy of course. It makes me feel good to see someone/something enjoying my knitted items.

Yarn: I Love This Cotton! Vintage Teal
Pattern: Fetch! By KrisKnits
Needle: Size 6 Knitting needle
Started: May
Finished: June 12


Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Neapolitan Chic Ripple Cardi

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Good evening everyone! I'm hoping y'all are having a fantabulous Friday! Me personally, I didn't think it was ever gonna get here. This has been one looooooooooong week!

For almost the last month, I've been working on this Cardi By Lisa Gentry. And y'all, I just can't believe how well this turned out for me. Honestly. I'm amazed. You see, everytime I tend to make a wearable it just doesn't turn out quite right in the fit department. I really had to suck my gut in so my tummy didn't stick out in the pic! LOL Don't you dare laugh! I'm trying to lose the weight, but its just not coming out that quickly. But hey, I did lose 3 lbs already, so I'm tickled about that.

Anywho....back to the project. I bought the yarn that I used for this project about 2 years ago maybe? Online at Joann.com. It was intended for another Patricia Pepe skirt I was working on which totally didn't look right in this particular yarn. I used a too big hook and it draped horribly. Hung like a sack around my legs let me tell you. No shape at all. So, I had bought the pattern book months ago at my local Hobby Lobby and decided that I really should use that pattern book and so I ripped the yarn out of the skirt and re-used it on this Cardi. And i'm glad I did. The fit and drape is awesome. I.LOVE.IT.

Also, I didn't know that the Bernat Cool Crochet yarn which I used for this was discontinued until just now when I googled it to get the website to link on this post for others to see the yarn brand. Rut-Roh. I'm glad I had bought 8 balls of this stuff for that skirt. Its a nice yarn to use and has a great shine to it.



Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope y'all had a great holiday weekend! I'm sure there were lots of cookouts and good eats happening all around. I'm hoping that this evening I can roast marshmallows and weiners with the neighbors kids. They've never done that before and the little rascals will love it I think. I bought all the fixin's for a great batch of S'mores! Yum!!

Now I need to rant a little. I'm so mad and disgusted at myself I can't even begin to want to Crochet right now. I wasted 2 1/2 days worth of work on this Crochet Ripple Cardigan I'm working on because when I started the left front panel, I did the WRONG SIZE. If I could kick myself in the hiney right now I'd certainly do so. I can't believe I did such a stupid thing. And whats worse, I didn't realize it until just now when I started on the right front panel and realized I didn't start out chaining the lesser amount of stitches than I did on the other side. That's where I caught it. The pattern is written in a lot of different sections for example: For sizes Small, Medium and Large do these sets of directions.....so therefore I was thinking that back on the very front where it gives the sizes and measurements, I picked my size from there and thought the 2nd set of #'s applied to my size. Well, it does except when the pattern is written in different sections such as I stated above. And Well, where my #'s would be the (2nd set), well in this case the 2nd set was for the large. Go figure.

Anyways. I've nothing new to report on and no finished projects to show as of now. I have a couple of things that are about 95% finished. And since I can't concentrate just on one project at a time, I've started something else and all the 95%'ers aren't 100% just yet. When I get them all done I should have a lot to show y'all.

So, until next time, be safe and Happy Holiday!

Knotty 'Man Cave' Pillow And A Little Heart

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Hi everyone! Its been a while since I've blogged and I'm happy to report I finished 2 of my projects that I had going on in my Ravelry Notebook! Woot! I love when I can cross a project off my list. It gives me a great since of pride and accomplishment knowing I actually kept at it and completed something!

In case I haven't revealed this little tidbit of info about myself, I have a hard time concentrating on my projects. I get bored reaaaally quick with something. That's why I tend to stick to small instant gratification things. I'm actually like this in every hobby I have. I don't know what it is about my concentration, but its pretty much non-existant. Anywho, enough about my lack of mind.

Now, on to the F.O's!!! I started this Pillow called the Knotty Pillow from the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today! This was such a super easy pattern. If your looking for a cool Crochet project for the man in your life, this pillow is sure to be a hit! My sweetie LOVES it! Don't get me wrong, he supports me in my Crochet adventures, but there's rarely anything that I make that gets a 'WOW!' from him. He's a man after all. If it's not a car and its not Golf or Tiger Woods, he's usually not all that interested. So, I made this especially for him and deemed it the Knotty 'Man Cave' Pillow for his relaxation space!

Now, in addition to completed that one big project, I completed this little bitty project right afterwards. This is the 3-D Crochet Heart. Folks, let me just tell you. This is one of the EASIEST patterns I've ever seen and so super cute you just want to pinch it. I made mine with some leftover Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton yarn. I added a Pony Bead to the bottom and will string in the chain to the top at a later time because I'm going to make a keychain out of it.

I want to make more of these and make them into a little door knob hanger thing like this person did.
I'll have to make a run for some SS Brites yarn. So check it out y'all and make one for yourself! It only took about 20-30 minutes. Would have taken less but again, I'm a little challenged on the concentration side.

So until next time, I hope everyone's having a fantastic week!

Easter Sunday

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...Here comes Peter Cottontail. Hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way.


Lacy Beaded Fingerless Gloves

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Howdy everyone! Wanted to pop on really quick and post my Fingerless Gloves that I just finished. It was a super easy pattern and my first fingerless glove pattern to boot! The only thing I hated about it was the beads. And the reason I had so much trouble was because I used a smaller bead that the pattern called for and it was a pain in the rump to get threaded onto the yarn. I had to use a threader to get 'em all on. Remind me to NEVER use a smaller sized bead than what a pattern calls for. Can anyone say Migraine?! Um..yeah......

Here's the specs:

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby in White
Pattern: Lacy Beaded Fingerless Gloves by Candi Jensen on the Knit & Crochet Today Show.
Beads: An off brand from the Dollar Tree
Needle Size: Size 6 Knitting needles, Size E Crochet Hook
Size: Small

Please Excuse the crooked pinkies. I tried to hid the really bad one.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thursday!

Happy Sunday!

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Not much on the crafting scene to show you today. But don't fret. As usual, I have eleventy-billion projects going but none blogworthy at the moment. I have to finish up the other Lacy Beaded Fingerless Gloves. Then I'm working on the Tunisian Rosebud Tote,then I'm working on the February Lady Sweater,and last but not least I want to start on the 3-D Crocheted Hearts.

Now, as if that's not enough to keep me busy and my fingers aching I was browsing the April catalog on Annie's Attic and came across the Butterfly Coasters. In case you don't know. I go gaa gaa over Butterflies! I love them soooo much! Such fragile beauties they are. Flit and flittering around without a care. *sigh* I love Spring! But alas, I'll have to wait until I get some extra cash.

Now, onto the pic! Here's another pic of my Bell Peppers in their greenhouse! They've really sprouted up there and will soon need to be transferred over to a bigger container. And y'all! I got tomatoes sprouting too!! Hoooray!!! But I didnt' get a pic of those just yet. Maybe next time. So for now, here's my Pepper plants:

A good day off from work

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Today was another day off from work for me and I enjoyed myself immensely! Dennis, Dad and myself took a little trip today over to Hobby Lobby in Morristown and I got myself 2 skeins of Patons Kroy Sock yarn in Cyan Stripes and 2 skeins of ILTC in Springtime Ombre. Love these colors they're starting to come out with for Spring! So bright and cheerful! There were tons of other colors I wanted to get really bad but I guess that will have to wait until another time. I really couldn't afford these, but I just couldn't help myself. *sigh*

Oooooh take a gander at my bell pepper sprouts! They sprouted after only 5 days of planting! I meant to take a pic sooner, but I finally remembered today to do it! I'm going to have lots and lots of pepper if I can get them to live after I transplant them to a bigger container!

It turned out to be quite nice here today! Although the breeze made it a little bit chilly at times. I think the rest of the week is calling for rain. But we'll see.

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!

Starfish Washcloth

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Can you tell i'm into the washcloth craze?! I love them!! And plus, I have all this cotton yarn I gotta do something with. I'm not experienced enough in the knitted wearables department to make a nice cardigan for spring, so until I get to that stage, I'm making myself washcloths.

I've not as of yet actually used any that I've made. *LOL* I make it sound like I've made thousand when in reality its only been 3 (including this one). So, I have NO IDEA how this cotton is going to hold up.

You know, I personally don't like using Peaches and Cream yarn. I made a Summer Top from It about 2 years ago and although I LOVED the top, the yarn pilled something awful and it GREW so long it sagged in the back of the neck. I was so mad that I only got to wear it once! Plus, its too heavy in gauge for a top anyhow in my opinion. So, lessoned learned.

Now, for the I Love This Cotton yarn....well, the name says it all for me. Because I truly do. I think its a great cotton! Its got a great sheen to it. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl. If I was a betting person, I'd bet you'd like it too!

I learned how to add a new color in! This is the first time I've never done this in knitting. And you know what? I don't think it turned out too bad. I need more practice at it for sure!

Anywho, onto the pic!

Yarn: I Love This Cotton
Pattern: Starfish Cloth
Needle: Size 4 Boye Straights
Craft Time: Around 2 1/2 to 3 hrs total I'd guess for me (I didnt' work on it solid)

Quick F.O. of the day

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I found the Springing Up Flowers Washcloth that I started on last month but put aside for other things and decided that it was time I finished it. Its a super easy pattern and best of all, ITS FREE!! Now, how can you beat that? Kristin has lots of great patterns on her site. This is the 2nd washcloth pattern of her's that I've completed. And there's a few of her sets that I want to purchase too!

I love that sense of accomplishment you get when you finally finish a project. But unfortunately my hands are aching like mad! Stupid arthritis! I'm too young for that! Well, apparently not, but anywho. *sigh* Its done. I'm happy. Now, on to the next project!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Quick and easy Instant gratification projects

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These past 2 days i've been absolutely BORED out of my mind! Its been rainy and cold, and being stuck in the house is absolutely no fun! Well, unless i've got a cool crochet or knit project in the works to keep my occupied.

Yesterday I finished my first folded crochet potholder:

And today, I whipped up this super cute, quick and easy ring that I named the St. Paddy's Day Ring. I added a little blue bead to the center to jazz it all up a bit. Fits like a dream! Took all of about 5 minutes to make. *LOL* Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is my kinda projects!

Please excuse the dryness of my hands and the crooked fingers. And also the dent in my index finger from where the yarn goes over for tension. *LOL* The right hand didn't look that much better.

A little bit of gardening and another Goodwill find

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TGIF everyone!! I have the day off from work (not by choice)so here I am, blogging about my adventures for the day.

I went out the door this morning heading to the bank to put in my paycheck, and decided I was gonna stop in at Goodwill again and see if they had any fresh finds. As soon as I walked in, my eyes zeroed in on the BIG TUB of yarn! Well, it was 99% acrylics and I have tons of that and a few mini skeins of a wool blend, but I didn't purchase any. I asked the cashier if she had any knitting needles. I'm trying to build up my tools so when I try different things like socks and stuff, I have the right tools to do so. And if your like me, your budget for 'luxuries' are non-existant at this time in the economy. Hence, the day off from work and not by choice. Work has really slowed down so it was a mandatory day off :( I'm hoping it picks up soon so I can start getting a 40 hr paycheck again. Anywho, enough of the depressing state of the economy and my paycheck.

So, the lady told me they are now keeping all the knitting needles behind the counter so little ones dont get hold of them and hurt themselves. So I waited for her to put the yarn out and come back to get them out. She brings out these HUMONGOUS wad of knitting accessories. My eyes about bulged out. *LOL* I was drooling let me tell you. Thought for a second I was gonna have to ask her for a paper towel *LOL* So here's the stash of stuff I bought all for $3.18!!!:


1. 6 Pairs of Phildar Straights. Sizes 0, 1, 2, 3. And 1 pair of Size 2 Boye Straights. 1 pair Boye Size 0 straights 7" length.

2. 2 sets of Double Pointed Needles.

3. 1 Bernat Circular Size 1.

4. 4 Circular Needles of various sizes.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I love it!!

..........Now, on to the gardening!!! Couple days ago, I was reading Rhionna's Blog and she was talking about gardening in containers. I love reading her blog! She's funny y'all and very crafty. And I must say a cleanaholic *giggle* Don't smack me for that one Rhionna! Well, she got me thinking about growing vegetables and such for this harvest in containers. So, I went to Lowe's Today and bought several packets of seeds, A greenhouse to get them started in, potting soil and a couple of containers. And darnnit, I'm bound and determined to grow something. Even tho I have a black thumb and kill everything I'm still gonna give it a shot! So, Now I leave you with a few pics of my seed selection and a pic of mini greenhouse.


Sweet Pepper-Chinese Giant
Green Beans
Grape Tomatoes
Sugar Baby Water Melons

Isn't the Dollar Tree wonderful?

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Today was such a gorgeous and REALLY warm day (70 degrees), I decided to get out of the house and do something. Since money is kinda tight here lately because last week, I only got to work 4 days. And That could possibly be till further notice if work doesn't pick up. But darnnit, I can't go without yarn. I just cant. Its not a luxury to me. Its a necessity. LOL So, imagine when I stroll into the Dollar Tree and find 3 Skeins of Patons Lacette: 2 in the colorway Cream and 1 in the colorway Beautiful Blue. 1 Skein of Bernat Haven in the colorway Shamrock. And last but not least a nice bulky yarn of Bernat Glacier in the colorway Iced Iris.

Man I'm just tickled PINK I tell you. The Patons Lacette is a Fine yarn and will be perfect for me to practice knitting scarfs on small needles for the next season of Winter. Or, I could make a nice gauzy shawl. Perfect for wearing across my arms in Church. Cause it seems to get really cold in there, even in Summer!

I asked the lady cashier when she was expecting another shipment of yarn in, because the previous yarns they had were the Bernat Disco and the Patons Voodoo which I had plenty and that stuff stayed around there for FOREVER. So I was shocked to get what I did today. But, alas, she said that the batch that I got was a returned from another customer and was purchased at a different store in a town 30 miles away from me.

Now, I was just over at that Dollar Tree in the next town not too long ago and they didn't have squat there. I was really disappointed. But oh well, the yarn gods smiled upon me today!! And I aint complaining if they are a returned item or not! Their not dirty or smelly or ANYTHING. They look brand new as if I bought them at my local Hobby Lobby.

So here's a pic of my purchase for today. And don't forget, THINK SPRING!!!

Encouragement for Hey Teach

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Ok guys and gals....Remember the last post when I said I would need lots of encouragement and cheering on?! Well, the time has come. I need to call in that favor. I'm again at the place where I screwed up on the Hey Teach Cardigan. I'm starting the decreases for the armholes and I'm again confused if not more so than the last time.

The pattern says the each Yarn Over is paired with a Decrease within the lace pattern. And when decreasing for the armholes and the neckline if there are not enough stitches to keep the lace pattern correct do not do a YO....wtf?! How am I supposed to know this?!! Apparently I'm going to have to re-chart the lace pattern as someone on Ravelry told me they had done.

Since I'm new to all this stuff, I'm completely bumfuzzled and have NO IDEA how i'm going to accomplish this. If anybody reading as done this cardigan....H.E.L.P.!!!! How did you do it?! I'm making the Medium size. Can I borrow your notes or chart if you have re-charted?!

I hate to sound like a whiner, but.....(insert whiney voice here) I'm confuuuuuuused. Now, can I have some cheese with that whine too?! ...Just sayin'...

Anywho, now that I've whined for a bit, here is another pic of what I've done so far.

Play It again Sam!

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My crafting life seems to be like a broken record. I seem to start a project, screw it up, and start all over again. Especially in Knitting. Remember the Hey Teach cardigan I posted back months ago? Well, It layed around on my desk for forever, untouched, and unloved until 2 weeks ago when I cut yarn and said dammit! I. WILL. FINISH. YOU.

I've restarted it AGAIN and this time I am bound and determined to get it finished. I've realized my mistakes from the first time around and i'm really trying hard not to make those again. But I need encouragement. Lots of it actually. So, will you be my knitting cheerleaders?!

As of right this moment of this post, I'm on round on 26 of the Stockinette stitch. Instead of working this on straights, I've decided to use Circulars. I find that I like those much better even when I'm not working in the round. I've got to continue the St St for 8" from cast on. right now I have about 4 inches.

I have realized that my tension is lookin' pretty darn good if I must say so myself. Atleast I have that going for me at the moment. LOL Now, I'm cool with the pattern until it comes to the setup row on the lace. And THAT is where i'm gonna be bitching and whining so be prepared! This is where you smack me in the back of the head and say, SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! So, when I get to that point, I'll make another post and ask for encouragement to keep going. And if you've made this cardigan yourself, will you please have mercy on me and be my friend and help me? Cause last time I got all the way to the armhole shaping and boy was I really confused. I had the lace pattern all screwed up from that point on because I didn't know where to start in the pattern to keep it all lined up and correct. I've never done a lace pattern before and I thought this one wouldn't be too hard, but apparently for a nincompoop like me. I don't comprehend well. No wonder they don't let me out of the house without a helmet on! *SIGH*

6th Picture Challenge.

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I was tagged by The Elusive Loo for the 6th picture challenge. This is where you find the 6th picture in your photo album and post it and write about it.

So, today I post my 6th picture in my craft album which is the Renaissance Cabled Mug Cozy.

As most of you know I'm a new knitter and this little jewel was my first ever completed Knit project. I opted to do buttons instead of the ties because I thought buttons made it look cuter.

This ended up being gifted to my co-worker Jo. She has this 10 gallon coffee mug that it fit just perfectly! LOL...well, I might have exaggerated a tiny bit on it be a 10 gallon mug...maybe its only about, 9 1/2 gallons. LOL.

It was made in just regular plain jane Red Heart Super Saver in a nice blue color. Blue being my favorite color and all. I originally made it for me, but I'm just one of those people that loves to give stuff away to make others happy. *Sigh* Now I need to go make another one for myself and hope that no one oohs and ahhs over that one or I'll end up giving it away too!!

My Goodwill Find

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I love going to my local Goodwill. Sometimes you can find really great stuff there and if your like me, I love a bargain! It had been a while since I had visited, so this morning I decided to drive down and see what kind of stuff they had. I ALWAYS head straight for the craft section when I go because, well, need I say more?! Just scroll down and you'll see what I mean.

I got there right as they were opening and headed on in, and this....THIS! is what I bought. All for $3.09!!!!!!!! I was amazed!!

1) 4 Pairs of different sized Circular Knitting Needles :

2) 5 Stitch Holders, Crochet Hook and Latch Hook Rug Tool:

3) 10 knitting needles that I have NO IDEA what their used for. Their single needles attached to a plastic cord with a plastic round stopper thingy on the end. If anyone has a clue what these are used for, please let me know! I bought them cause I couldnt resist.

See the round thinger on the ends?

4) And last but not least, a bag of cotton fabric scraps that I can use to line purses and such with!!

I feel like a kid in a candy store!!

Rich Mitered Crochet Throw

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Hi everybody! I have started yet ANOTHER project that I AM going to finish if it takes me forever! I was at the local Wally World the other day scoping out the yarn isle to see if they had gotten anything new in. And of course, NO!!! I'm so disgusted with those people and I wont talk about that right now. LOL Anywho, I looked up and seen the free pamphlet patterns there in the rack and thumbed thru them and came across the Rich Mitered Crochet Throw. Go ahead, check it out for yourself and snag the pattern cause its FREE!. Its such a pretty colored pattern. I'm using the exact colors in the model. And this pattern is SOOOOOOO easy! I'm not one to Crochet while sitting in the living room watching TV because I get to distracted and mess up, but with this pattern I can do exactly that! So far I have 2 squares completed with the 3rd almost done. Its only the 2nd Afghan I've ever done. The first one was my Dragonfly Afghan and the closeup here . I made that afghan for my brother's girlfriend for helping us with my mom when she was dying. She loved Dragonflies and I wanted to make this special for here and tell her how much I appreciated what she did for my mother.

Other than that, there's not much happening on the crafting end of things. I'm about 50% done with the Knitted Washcloth and hope to have finished pics of that soon.

DOH! I forgot the pic of my finished square. Here's the first of 31 total needed!!

Knit Cable Purse

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Finally, after a really, REALLY long and worrisome week at work AND at home, I've finally finished the Plait Cable Purse that I had started back in December. I haven't done any knitting or crocheting in about a week. And that is UNHEARD of for me! YIKES! Because upon waking at 6 am Thursday morning I received a phone call from my Dad saying he needed to go to the Hospital. I ended up taking him to the ER Thursday morning and they promptly registered him into the hospital to stay where he will be until hopefully only Monday. He has an intestinal blockage from the Arterial Bypass surgery he had back in November. I've been scared out of my wits. And needless to say, no crafting of any kind has been done of late. Plus on top of it all, I've been having horrible migrain-like headaches all week due to Sinus problems. UGH! After working all day I've just came home and crashed on the couch, barely able to read my emails and blogs because I feel as if my head is about to lift up from my shoulders and promptly explode!!! Anywho, on with the pics! I hope everyone else has been having a better, healthier week than i've been having!

A Whale of a good time, A Ferret Jingle Toy

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This is such a fantastic, quick and easy toy!! I’m putting these on my charity list to donate to my local animal shelter and to various ferret shelters in need of extra toys. Instead of using catnip I used a little tuft of polyfil and then inserted a little jingle bell and then another little tuft of polyfil. It makes a fantastic jingle toy!! My boys will love it!

So why not make up a batch of these to donate to your local animal shelter? The animals will thank you!

Needle: Size 8 Straights
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Bright Yellow
Notions: Small amount of Polyfil and a Jingle Bell
Craft Time: Around 30 minutes
Pattern: Whale Toy

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all my readers and fellow crafters! May this new year bring you lots of finished projects and beautiful and luxurious yarns!

Craft on peeps! Craft on!!!