Play It again Sam!

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My crafting life seems to be like a broken record. I seem to start a project, screw it up, and start all over again. Especially in Knitting. Remember the Hey Teach cardigan I posted back months ago? Well, It layed around on my desk for forever, untouched, and unloved until 2 weeks ago when I cut yarn and said dammit! I. WILL. FINISH. YOU.

I've restarted it AGAIN and this time I am bound and determined to get it finished. I've realized my mistakes from the first time around and i'm really trying hard not to make those again. But I need encouragement. Lots of it actually. So, will you be my knitting cheerleaders?!

As of right this moment of this post, I'm on round on 26 of the Stockinette stitch. Instead of working this on straights, I've decided to use Circulars. I find that I like those much better even when I'm not working in the round. I've got to continue the St St for 8" from cast on. right now I have about 4 inches.

I have realized that my tension is lookin' pretty darn good if I must say so myself. Atleast I have that going for me at the moment. LOL Now, I'm cool with the pattern until it comes to the setup row on the lace. And THAT is where i'm gonna be bitching and whining so be prepared! This is where you smack me in the back of the head and say, SNAP OUT OF IT WOMAN! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! So, when I get to that point, I'll make another post and ask for encouragement to keep going. And if you've made this cardigan yourself, will you please have mercy on me and be my friend and help me? Cause last time I got all the way to the armhole shaping and boy was I really confused. I had the lace pattern all screwed up from that point on because I didn't know where to start in the pattern to keep it all lined up and correct. I've never done a lace pattern before and I thought this one wouldn't be too hard, but apparently for a nincompoop like me. I don't comprehend well. No wonder they don't let me out of the house without a helmet on! *SIGH*


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

knitguyla said...

Snap out of it. You can do it.

Have fun!

The Elusive Loo said...

Go on! You can do it!!!