Rich Mitered Crochet Throw

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Hi everybody! I have started yet ANOTHER project that I AM going to finish if it takes me forever! I was at the local Wally World the other day scoping out the yarn isle to see if they had gotten anything new in. And of course, NO!!! I'm so disgusted with those people and I wont talk about that right now. LOL Anywho, I looked up and seen the free pamphlet patterns there in the rack and thumbed thru them and came across the Rich Mitered Crochet Throw. Go ahead, check it out for yourself and snag the pattern cause its FREE!. Its such a pretty colored pattern. I'm using the exact colors in the model. And this pattern is SOOOOOOO easy! I'm not one to Crochet while sitting in the living room watching TV because I get to distracted and mess up, but with this pattern I can do exactly that! So far I have 2 squares completed with the 3rd almost done. Its only the 2nd Afghan I've ever done. The first one was my Dragonfly Afghan and the closeup here . I made that afghan for my brother's girlfriend for helping us with my mom when she was dying. She loved Dragonflies and I wanted to make this special for here and tell her how much I appreciated what she did for my mother.

Other than that, there's not much happening on the crafting end of things. I'm about 50% done with the Knitted Washcloth and hope to have finished pics of that soon.

DOH! I forgot the pic of my finished square. Here's the first of 31 total needed!!


knitguyla said...

I like it a lot. It's got a real bohemian look to it. Weave in your ends as you go, you'll be happy later.

Anonymous said...

I agree with knitguy, weaving in ends as you go helps tremendously. The links didn't work for me with the dragonfly pictures, they have an extra"http"in them,butwhen I removed the extra, the images came up as removed.

Krystal said...

Doh! thanks Riohnna....I'll get that fixed immediately. And yes, I have to triple agree. I hate all those pesky ends and that's one of the reasons I don't do more afghans.