Isn't the Dollar Tree wonderful?

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Today was such a gorgeous and REALLY warm day (70 degrees), I decided to get out of the house and do something. Since money is kinda tight here lately because last week, I only got to work 4 days. And That could possibly be till further notice if work doesn't pick up. But darnnit, I can't go without yarn. I just cant. Its not a luxury to me. Its a necessity. LOL So, imagine when I stroll into the Dollar Tree and find 3 Skeins of Patons Lacette: 2 in the colorway Cream and 1 in the colorway Beautiful Blue. 1 Skein of Bernat Haven in the colorway Shamrock. And last but not least a nice bulky yarn of Bernat Glacier in the colorway Iced Iris.

Man I'm just tickled PINK I tell you. The Patons Lacette is a Fine yarn and will be perfect for me to practice knitting scarfs on small needles for the next season of Winter. Or, I could make a nice gauzy shawl. Perfect for wearing across my arms in Church. Cause it seems to get really cold in there, even in Summer!

I asked the lady cashier when she was expecting another shipment of yarn in, because the previous yarns they had were the Bernat Disco and the Patons Voodoo which I had plenty and that stuff stayed around there for FOREVER. So I was shocked to get what I did today. But, alas, she said that the batch that I got was a returned from another customer and was purchased at a different store in a town 30 miles away from me.

Now, I was just over at that Dollar Tree in the next town not too long ago and they didn't have squat there. I was really disappointed. But oh well, the yarn gods smiled upon me today!! And I aint complaining if they are a returned item or not! Their not dirty or smelly or ANYTHING. They look brand new as if I bought them at my local Hobby Lobby.

So here's a pic of my purchase for today. And don't forget, THINK SPRING!!!


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Wow! I miss Dollar TRee, I loved that place! Great find!

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