A little bit of gardening and another Goodwill find

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TGIF everyone!! I have the day off from work (not by choice)so here I am, blogging about my adventures for the day.

I went out the door this morning heading to the bank to put in my paycheck, and decided I was gonna stop in at Goodwill again and see if they had any fresh finds. As soon as I walked in, my eyes zeroed in on the BIG TUB of yarn! Well, it was 99% acrylics and I have tons of that and a few mini skeins of a wool blend, but I didn't purchase any. I asked the cashier if she had any knitting needles. I'm trying to build up my tools so when I try different things like socks and stuff, I have the right tools to do so. And if your like me, your budget for 'luxuries' are non-existant at this time in the economy. Hence, the day off from work and not by choice. Work has really slowed down so it was a mandatory day off :( I'm hoping it picks up soon so I can start getting a 40 hr paycheck again. Anywho, enough of the depressing state of the economy and my paycheck.

So, the lady told me they are now keeping all the knitting needles behind the counter so little ones dont get hold of them and hurt themselves. So I waited for her to put the yarn out and come back to get them out. She brings out these HUMONGOUS wad of knitting accessories. My eyes about bulged out. *LOL* I was drooling let me tell you. Thought for a second I was gonna have to ask her for a paper towel *LOL* So here's the stash of stuff I bought all for $3.18!!!:


1. 6 Pairs of Phildar Straights. Sizes 0, 1, 2, 3. And 1 pair of Size 2 Boye Straights. 1 pair Boye Size 0 straights 7" length.

2. 2 sets of Double Pointed Needles.

3. 1 Bernat Circular Size 1.

4. 4 Circular Needles of various sizes.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I love it!!

..........Now, on to the gardening!!! Couple days ago, I was reading Rhionna's Blog and she was talking about gardening in containers. I love reading her blog! She's funny y'all and very crafty. And I must say a cleanaholic *giggle* Don't smack me for that one Rhionna! Well, she got me thinking about growing vegetables and such for this harvest in containers. So, I went to Lowe's Today and bought several packets of seeds, A greenhouse to get them started in, potting soil and a couple of containers. And darnnit, I'm bound and determined to grow something. Even tho I have a black thumb and kill everything I'm still gonna give it a shot! So, Now I leave you with a few pics of my seed selection and a pic of mini greenhouse.


Sweet Pepper-Chinese Giant
Green Beans
Grape Tomatoes
Sugar Baby Water Melons


Anonymous said...

Wow, look at that! I love those little greenhouses. Good luck with the seeds, I think they will grow for you.