Quick and easy Instant gratification projects

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These past 2 days i've been absolutely BORED out of my mind! Its been rainy and cold, and being stuck in the house is absolutely no fun! Well, unless i've got a cool crochet or knit project in the works to keep my occupied.

Yesterday I finished my first folded crochet potholder:

And today, I whipped up this super cute, quick and easy ring that I named the St. Paddy's Day Ring. I added a little blue bead to the center to jazz it all up a bit. Fits like a dream! Took all of about 5 minutes to make. *LOL* Now THAT ladies and gentlemen is my kinda projects!

Please excuse the dryness of my hands and the crooked fingers. And also the dent in my index finger from where the yarn goes over for tension. *LOL* The right hand didn't look that much better.


Anonymous said...

What a great potholder! (Do I recognise the pattern?) And I love the ring!

Krystal said...

*LOL* Yes! You should! I totally stole your idea! *grins* I got gifted one of those in a Christmas swap one time and loved it! But I had no idea what they were called. I was really tickled when I see one on your blog you made.

And thank you! I love that little ring! Its too easy to make.

urban craft said...

Love the ring. I can't knit or crochet but I am still trying!