Quick F.O. of the day

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I found the Springing Up Flowers Washcloth that I started on last month but put aside for other things and decided that it was time I finished it. Its a super easy pattern and best of all, ITS FREE!! Now, how can you beat that? Kristin has lots of great patterns on her site. This is the 2nd washcloth pattern of her's that I've completed. And there's a few of her sets that I want to purchase too!

I love that sense of accomplishment you get when you finally finish a project. But unfortunately my hands are aching like mad! Stupid arthritis! I'm too young for that! Well, apparently not, but anywho. *sigh* Its done. I'm happy. Now, on to the next project!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that sure is pretty!

knitguyla said...

You finished it! It's fantastic and I love the color, it's so soft and Spring-like. The new blog layout is great as well, it's much easier to read. Don't give up on Hey Teach.

Purple Sparkle said...

I love that ring, I've never seen a cotton ring, what a fab idea! You're very talented. Becky :-) (maysparkles from swap-bot)