Knotty 'Man Cave' Pillow And A Little Heart

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Hi everyone! Its been a while since I've blogged and I'm happy to report I finished 2 of my projects that I had going on in my Ravelry Notebook! Woot! I love when I can cross a project off my list. It gives me a great since of pride and accomplishment knowing I actually kept at it and completed something!

In case I haven't revealed this little tidbit of info about myself, I have a hard time concentrating on my projects. I get bored reaaaally quick with something. That's why I tend to stick to small instant gratification things. I'm actually like this in every hobby I have. I don't know what it is about my concentration, but its pretty much non-existant. Anywho, enough about my lack of mind.

Now, on to the F.O's!!! I started this Pillow called the Knotty Pillow from the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today! This was such a super easy pattern. If your looking for a cool Crochet project for the man in your life, this pillow is sure to be a hit! My sweetie LOVES it! Don't get me wrong, he supports me in my Crochet adventures, but there's rarely anything that I make that gets a 'WOW!' from him. He's a man after all. If it's not a car and its not Golf or Tiger Woods, he's usually not all that interested. So, I made this especially for him and deemed it the Knotty 'Man Cave' Pillow for his relaxation space!

Now, in addition to completed that one big project, I completed this little bitty project right afterwards. This is the 3-D Crochet Heart. Folks, let me just tell you. This is one of the EASIEST patterns I've ever seen and so super cute you just want to pinch it. I made mine with some leftover Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton yarn. I added a Pony Bead to the bottom and will string in the chain to the top at a later time because I'm going to make a keychain out of it.

I want to make more of these and make them into a little door knob hanger thing like this person did.
I'll have to make a run for some SS Brites yarn. So check it out y'all and make one for yourself! It only took about 20-30 minutes. Would have taken less but again, I'm a little challenged on the concentration side.

So until next time, I hope everyone's having a fantastic week!

Easter Sunday

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...Here comes Peter Cottontail. Hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way.


Lacy Beaded Fingerless Gloves

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Howdy everyone! Wanted to pop on really quick and post my Fingerless Gloves that I just finished. It was a super easy pattern and my first fingerless glove pattern to boot! The only thing I hated about it was the beads. And the reason I had so much trouble was because I used a smaller bead that the pattern called for and it was a pain in the rump to get threaded onto the yarn. I had to use a threader to get 'em all on. Remind me to NEVER use a smaller sized bead than what a pattern calls for. Can anyone say Migraine?! Um..yeah......

Here's the specs:

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby in White
Pattern: Lacy Beaded Fingerless Gloves by Candi Jensen on the Knit & Crochet Today Show.
Beads: An off brand from the Dollar Tree
Needle Size: Size 6 Knitting needles, Size E Crochet Hook
Size: Small

Please Excuse the crooked pinkies. I tried to hid the really bad one.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thursday!