Happy Memorial Day

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Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope y'all had a great holiday weekend! I'm sure there were lots of cookouts and good eats happening all around. I'm hoping that this evening I can roast marshmallows and weiners with the neighbors kids. They've never done that before and the little rascals will love it I think. I bought all the fixin's for a great batch of S'mores! Yum!!

Now I need to rant a little. I'm so mad and disgusted at myself I can't even begin to want to Crochet right now. I wasted 2 1/2 days worth of work on this Crochet Ripple Cardigan I'm working on because when I started the left front panel, I did the WRONG SIZE. If I could kick myself in the hiney right now I'd certainly do so. I can't believe I did such a stupid thing. And whats worse, I didn't realize it until just now when I started on the right front panel and realized I didn't start out chaining the lesser amount of stitches than I did on the other side. That's where I caught it. The pattern is written in a lot of different sections for example: For sizes Small, Medium and Large do these sets of directions.....so therefore I was thinking that back on the very front where it gives the sizes and measurements, I picked my size from there and thought the 2nd set of #'s applied to my size. Well, it does except when the pattern is written in different sections such as I stated above. And Well, where my #'s would be the (2nd set), well in this case the 2nd set was for the large. Go figure.

Anyways. I've nothing new to report on and no finished projects to show as of now. I have a couple of things that are about 95% finished. And since I can't concentrate just on one project at a time, I've started something else and all the 95%'ers aren't 100% just yet. When I get them all done I should have a lot to show y'all.

So, until next time, be safe and Happy Holiday!


Jasmine's Mommy said...

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day! Yum, I love smores :)
Sorry to hear about your cardi. That can so frustating! Hope you still end up making one, it sound like a pretty cardi.