Swingy Summer Skirt and Fetch!

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I have 2 F.O's to post about this time around. Amazing eh? Yeah, I think so too.

The first is the Summer Swing Skirt by Doris Chan from the newest issue of Crochet Today. This was the fastest wearable I believe I've ever worked on. It only had 29 rounds to the entire thing. I like projects like that, don't you?

So, a little about the project:

Yarn: I Love This Cotton! Lime Ombre
Pattern: Swingy Summer Skirt by Doris Chan (Crochet Today July/Aug 09)
Hook Size: J Crochet hook
Started: June 7
Finished: June 10.


Next up is a Dog Bone toy that I started back sometime last month and finished it in one day but never got around to sewing or stuffing it. So today I decided was the day to finish it! My dog Wyzer LOVES it! He hasn't stopped playing with it. Which makes me happy of course. It makes me feel good to see someone/something enjoying my knitted items.

Yarn: I Love This Cotton! Vintage Teal
Pattern: Fetch! By KrisKnits
Needle: Size 6 Knitting needle
Started: May
Finished: June 12


Hope everyone has a happy Friday and a great weekend!!

Neapolitan Chic Ripple Cardi

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Good evening everyone! I'm hoping y'all are having a fantabulous Friday! Me personally, I didn't think it was ever gonna get here. This has been one looooooooooong week!

For almost the last month, I've been working on this Cardi By Lisa Gentry. And y'all, I just can't believe how well this turned out for me. Honestly. I'm amazed. You see, everytime I tend to make a wearable it just doesn't turn out quite right in the fit department. I really had to suck my gut in so my tummy didn't stick out in the pic! LOL Don't you dare laugh! I'm trying to lose the weight, but its just not coming out that quickly. But hey, I did lose 3 lbs already, so I'm tickled about that.

Anywho....back to the project. I bought the yarn that I used for this project about 2 years ago maybe? Online at Joann.com. It was intended for another Patricia Pepe skirt I was working on which totally didn't look right in this particular yarn. I used a too big hook and it draped horribly. Hung like a sack around my legs let me tell you. No shape at all. So, I had bought the pattern book months ago at my local Hobby Lobby and decided that I really should use that pattern book and so I ripped the yarn out of the skirt and re-used it on this Cardi. And i'm glad I did. The fit and drape is awesome. I.LOVE.IT.

Also, I didn't know that the Bernat Cool Crochet yarn which I used for this was discontinued until just now when I googled it to get the website to link on this post for others to see the yarn brand. Rut-Roh. I'm glad I had bought 8 balls of this stuff for that skirt. Its a nice yarn to use and has a great shine to it.