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So, I had this great idea you see. It is as follows:

1. Find a knitted mitten pattern *Check*
2. Find a reaaaaaaaaallly EASY knitted mitten pattern. *Um,..CHECK. Or so I thought*
3. Gather Supplies *Check*
4. Cast on *Check*
5. Attempt to even understand enough to get to the thumb gusset *Check*---Whew!
6. Screw it up. *Check* LOL

...So, you see my great idea? It's like all the other bazillion projects I have going that I never finish because I screw up, get frustrated and think evil thoughts, then cast aside....unfinished. LOL

But I must say. I'm quite pleased with my progress even tho I've struggled every step of the way through this whole disastrous thing.

The project is rated as a level 1 for beginner. Well, let me just tell you. Me personally? I would definitely rate it as a level 3.

But never fear. I.WILL.FINISH.MITTEN. Notice that the word MITTEN is not plural. :P

I have extremely cold hands during the winter. So I figured if I start now, they just might get done by this winter season. But um...don't hold your breath ok?

We'll see. Tell me what y'all think. Any tips or advice? I'm all ears.

PS...I do have one problem. How the heck do I Cast On in the MIDDLE of the project? I did it in a way that I thought was right, but is definitely wrong because it left a big hole in my project (where I divided for the thumb gusset and had to CO 2 extra stitches).



knitguyla said...

I meant to send this to you but I forgot. Backward loop cast-on

Just scroll down a bit but it loos fantastic whatever you did!

Krystal said...

Thanks Joe! I think I will try that method on the 2nd mitten. I only need to cast on 2 stitches, so surely that would be a really good alternative? The only reason it doesn't look 'bad' is that I didn't spread the stitches apart there at the thumb so you could see the hole. :( But all in all, I think I'm doing 'OK' so far. Atleast the pattern totally makes sense to me now. *whew* I would still rate it as a level 3, not a level 1. But hey, thats just me. Thanks for the info!