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Finally finished the 2nd Mitten today, so I officially have a pair! Yeah me!

Seriously tho, this pattern was too way confusing to be a level 1. Its not the stitches that are hard, its just the way that it was written. Especially if your not that advanced at reading a knit pattern. But once I worked the first pattern repeat, it clicked and got easier from there.

I'm seriously thinking about tackling more of these bad boys for some ladies at my Church for Christmas gifts but only in a wool blend yarn. The only thing is, I've never made anything for these ladies and it would really chap my behind if they weren't appreciated. I stopped making things for my family for just this reason. They don't seem to understand the love and hard work that goes into making an item and then have it cast aside unappreciated.

Enough babbling, now onto the pic!

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Orchid
Needle: Size 6 for the ribbing, Size 8 for the rest. Done with my new set of Knit Picks Options Needles
Pattern: Caron Cabled Mittens
Craft Time: Started July 5th, Finished July 17th.


EDITED TO ADD: Oh! In my last post I had asked the question of how do I CO in the middle of the project? Well, while trying to work on another project called the February Lady Sweater, there was a technique, and the link, listed within the pattern that shows you how to CO for a buttonhole. Well, since I only needed to CO 2 stitches in the middle I used this method and wooooot!! It worked and the hole on the 2nd mitten is gone! It worked wonders. Maybe give it a try. Here's the actual link that was within the February Lady Sweater pattern. Buttonhole Knit over One Row


Jasmine's Mommy said...

Great mittens. I LOVE the color!