Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan

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Happy Sunday everyone! Its been a while since my last post. I wish I had a F.O. to show you all, but as usual....there are none. YET! I have a couple of things in the works that's around 90% finished. One is a beautiful doily, and the other is a knit/crochet cardigan. So check back soon on those for a completed pic.

But for now, I wanted to show you something else that I started. A friend at work showed me this cardigan last Thursday and I KNEW I had to make it. I just hope I can get this one completed without any problems. I've read through the whole pattern to see what the stitches and schematics are, and even though there are a couple of stitches used that I've never done before, It's coming only quite splendid! So far I'm about 6 1/2" into the left sleeve which is where you start in the pattern first. I need to get to 10" before I CO for the yoke. Now this is where I'm going to have a lot of problems. I don't know how to cast on again in the middle of a project :(

So I'll need to go check out youtube or somewhere to get some info. I'm a visual learner!

To see the pattern, go here: Cable-Sleeve Cardigan.

Here's a quick pic I took of what I've done so far. Tell me what y'all think!



Jasmine's Mommy said...

What a beautiful pattern. I can see why you'd had to make this! I can't wait to see your finished cardigan :)