Nothing of yet. Just rambling.

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Good morning everyone on this rainy Sunday morning in Southeast Tennessee! Its been a little while since my last post and just wanted to write something so y'all wouldn't think I've totally abandoned my blog.

I have a couple of different things on my hook and needles that (hopefully) I will get to blog about and post pictures soon. Well, on one of the projects anyway. I'm working on the Crochet Lacy Top Cardigan by Doris Chan. She is one of my favorite designers! She has lots of great patterns which have beautiful results and are easy to follow!

I must admit tho, I'm not really fond of the color I chose. Its a deep purple in LB Cotton Ease. The yarn is too dark to show off the stitch definition. But since this thing is 95% complete, you'd have thought I would have done something about it and switched the yarn color a long time ago in the project. But, I didn't. So therefore I must live with my choice. *sigh* Life is hard, isn't it?! Decisions, decisions!

....Well next up is the project on my needles. As you all know from a previous post I made on the Hey Teach! (Click the link to see previous post) I had tons and tons of trouble when it came to the armhole shaping on the lace pattern. Well nothing has changed there AGAIN this time around either. But! BUT!!!!! I have to say (quite proudly too) that I'm past that point now on the 3rd try of this Cardigan. When I got back to that point I still had problems. I bet I ripped that sucker out about 10 times already. But this time around I got smart. I inserted a lifeline at the point where I bound off for the armhole shaping. So when I ripped back all those times, I didn't have to redo the whole darn thing. And this time, I bought me a pack of graph paper and I sat down and reworked on where I needed to start when I BO the required # of stitches. That's where My problem has been all along. It's not the lace pattern that's the problem. It is just my ignorance in where to pick back up in the pattern after binding off. Does that make sense to anyone else, or just my warped brain?

I still didn't quite get it all right. I had 1 extra stitch than what I was supposed to have. I figured I could live with it because this is as good as its gonna get folks. Seriously.

So, I'm trudging along quite nicely on it now. I worked on it until 1:30 this morning! Yikes! No wonder I'm still so sleepy this morning!

So keep checking back in the next few days to see the completed Crocheted Cardigan. I just hate to stop on the knitting when I'm on such a role to try and finish up the other project. But, it must be done!

Happy Sunday everyone!!