Rich Mitered Crochet Throw-Update

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....Way back on February 4th (according to my Ravelry Notebook) I started on the Rich Mitered Crochet Throw. From that time until last night, September 26th, I had only 8 squares completed (see THIS POST on the photo of the square). So, I decided to reacquaint myself with this project. I finished 2 more squares for a total of 10 out of 30 needed.

Now this project is a breeze and should be absolutely gorgeous when finished. That's not what the problem is. It's just that I despise having to make 40 gazillion squares! Does anyone else have this problem? I love granny squares, don't get me wrong. Their so versatile and easy. I think I have that "2nd syndrome". You know, the one just like the "2nd sock syndrome" they always talk about in knitting?

So, what I did first thing this morning is I went and created a ticker thing and put it at the bottom of my page. I thought that this might motivate me to get this project finished and wiped off the slate of 'Things To Finish' if I could see how close I was to getting it done.

I am weaving in the ends as I complete each square just like was suggested. I'm really having to make myself stick to that because I'm so anxious to get on with the next square I just want to leave it till the end. But again, I know if I don't it'll never get done.

And here's another thought of mine. After all squares are complete I'm going to wash them and then block. But how the heck am I gonna block all 30 squares? I don't have anything big enough to put all 30 on and I'm not sure how long it takes for acrylic to dry? Any thoughts? I hate to do only a few at a time, but at this point that looks like that's gonna have to be the way.


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I won a pattern leaflet called Sprite Cap #208 QK by Jil Eaton's Minnowknits. It was a giveaway that was featured on the Knit Simple website back in March.

I couldn't believe it! I don't EVER win anything and I'm just tickled pink!

Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan 2nd Update

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I forgot to post the pic of the finished step 2. This step was making the left front yoke, the left back yoke and dividing for the neck. Within this step it involved short row shaping which was the first time I've ever done this in knitting. I was quite scared at first, but I think I did rather well. I think once I start the right sleeve it should all go more quicker than the first time around since I already know what needs to be done and how to do it!

I've been feeling really down the past week since I lost my job. Well, rather I quit my job of 9 years. And so no further progress has been done on starting the right sleeve. Hopefully within the next few days I will have something to show you guys!

Until then, happy crafting!


Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan Update

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As of today I finished up the first part of step 2. After casting on those 5 extra stitches at the beginning of each row, I had to work pattern until it measured out 16 1/2 inches which I finished up this morning. Now I have to start dividing for the neck.

Here's what it looks like so far: