Forest Floor Cable-Sleeve Cardigan 2nd Update

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I forgot to post the pic of the finished step 2. This step was making the left front yoke, the left back yoke and dividing for the neck. Within this step it involved short row shaping which was the first time I've ever done this in knitting. I was quite scared at first, but I think I did rather well. I think once I start the right sleeve it should all go more quicker than the first time around since I already know what needs to be done and how to do it!

I've been feeling really down the past week since I lost my job. Well, rather I quit my job of 9 years. And so no further progress has been done on starting the right sleeve. Hopefully within the next few days I will have something to show you guys!

Until then, happy crafting!



Glo said...

Hi your sweater looks great and I to would get scared over the shaping. I found this blog called fuzzy mittens very cute and she has a few free patterns go check it out I think it will cheer you a bit also I just posted the cutes video at the bottom of my blog of a baby bull dog trying to roll over it cheered me up give it try. Bummer you had to leave a job after 9 years for whatever reason you left I am sure you made the decision that was right for you. I left my full time job 3 years ago due to lupus/nephritis and then went to work part time for 2 years and then my condition forced me to stay home full time so I know how being home and worry about money and or being productive can get to you, it is the process of life, follow your intuition and think of this as a new adventure, new journey!

Glo said...

I bought yarn in TN just 3 weeks ago. We drove from Boston to Austin and inbetween I stopped at the Yarn Patch!