Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly

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Here is another Butterfly that I finished up yesterday. I am horrid at sewing so I had to re-sew the 'body' onto the center of the wings. Now I think he looks a whole lot better.

This pattern took a couple of hours and it was worth it. I love it! Of course by now you all know I'm a Butterfly freak. But, anywho...... I had tried this pattern before a year or so ago, and my mind was just not into it. It was a horrid failure. And as of yesterday I decided to give it another go and this time it clicked for me.

This is another free pattern that can be found here: Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly.

I think this would look awesome sewn onto a Skirt, Shirt or Handbag! Cause I'm trying to 'Think Spring!'

Butterflies are Free!

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I made this super simple bookmark for a swap in the Bookmark Swap Group on Ravelry. I love love LOVE Butterflies. Anything with a Butterfly on it, I drool. I also love to read and love bookmarks.

If you would like to use the same pattern, you can find it on the Crochetville website. And of course, it's free! What could be any better?! So why not head on over there and have a look-see? Click: Crochet Butterfly Bookmark for a direct link to the pattern.

This makes me think Spring and Summer! Which I so desperately want to hurry up and get here! I'm so sick of the Snow and I know a lot of other people are as well.

S'mores are finished!

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I just finished up my first pair of Striped Mittens. I do have to say that it was really easy and I was really scared about taking on this project. I had originally planned to do a solid color mitten without the stripes but decided to give it a go and see how I did. Well, I'm pretty darn proud of myself right now. To be honest, I didn't think I could do it. Sad, but true.

In case any of y'all would like to use the same pattern I did, here's the link to it: Mittens For All. It's a free pattern from the Coats and Clark website. I will tell you this....This will definitely be my go-to pattern for Mittens in the future.

These are all washed and dried and ready to present to my Boss tomorrow when I get to work. He already knows he's getting them and has seen the First mitten that was done because I had to make him try it on. To make sure it fits. And it does! Woot! And, he's super excited about getting them too. That's what it's all about for me. I love the response I get from giving a handmade gift to someone who I know will really appreciate it. So, without further ado, I present: S'mores! the Mittens.


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...Well, not really. But that's what I'm naming this project. The colors are Chocolate Brown and White. Which reminds me of S'mores! Which ALSO reminds I'm hungry with all this S'mores talk.

Have you ever had those weeks where you just feel smarter than others? Well, I've been feeling pretty smart here lately. I've been learning new things that have just failed to stick in my head in the past. For instance, learning to knit in the round. From my last post I excitedly reported that after many failed attempts I had finally learned how to do this.

As of last night I learned 3 different things. 1) How to knit with 2 colors. 2)How to carry my 2nd yarn up my work. 3) How to correct 'Jogs' in my stripes.

The 3rd I had no clue what it even was let alone how to correct them. But after investigating my own stripes I could see what 'Jogs' were. And, that I wasn't too happy about them either. It looked ugly. I'm not a perfectionist by any means, but when I'm working so hard at my knitting and it's taking me forever to do it, I want it done right.

But after watching video's on YouTube I came across this one Jogless Stripes that I loved out of all of them. Even the one by Eunny Jang from Interweave Press still made it look horribly funny and way too noticeable. This one is just perfect. You can hardly tell it at all. I'm super pleased with it. But, I've only done it on 1 row so far because I didn't really notice it until late into the knitting. So for the rest of the knitting I'll continue with how I learned to correct it.

Purple Haze

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....Isn't that a Jimi Hendrix song? Anywho. This time, there's a project on the hook. I took a break from starting another Knitting project because Knitting seems to make my hands and fingers ache. It's a bummer to have arthritis at 33. *sigh*

So, I'm making an Afghan "Purple Haze". After the Snowflake Afghan I made last year for a charity auction I swore that I wouldn't make another one. At least for a very, very, VERY long time. But, I came across the Spiral Throw by Marilyn Losee (which by the way was the SAME designer of the Fingerless Gloves I just finished). I was scared. I admit it. I consider myself a seasoned Crocheter. There's not too many things that stump me in Crochet. But after the vague instructions (well to me anyways since I'm not a genius at knitting) in certain parts of the Fingerless Glove pattern I was hesitant about doing this throw. But believe it or not, so far this thing is RIDICULOUSLY easy! I mean, seriously. I have a terrible memory and I got the spiral pattern memorized after the 2nd motif. Only bad thing of this is, there's eleventy-billion ends to weave in. So I'm FORCING myself to do them as I complete each Motif. So far, so good. The pattern calls for 98 motifs (24 are done as of today 1/12/11) but I'm only doing them at my leisure. I can make a motif in about 10 minutes. So it really is super easy.

Now, right off the bat, the instructions say: "wrap yarn around finger to form a ring."......WHAT THE?!!!! Okay. Now to me, that can me one of 2 things. Make a Slip Knot or Magic Loop. I mean c'mon?!!! How HARD is it to say "Make a Magic Loop". See what I mean? GAH!!!! It's enough to make me pull my really short spikey hair out (Well only the gray hairs maybe) /Rant.

So, to end the rambling Here's my pic of the first 2 motifs that I made and sewed together. And the colors are White and Purple...Not Blue.. Apparently my camera doesn't like to photograph purple.

And if you'd like to be friends on Ravelry, you can visit me at my page: Crochetferretlvr

Lovey Glovey's!

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This is the first pair of Knitted Fingerless Gloves I've ever made. And I love them! They keep my arms and hands so nice and toasty. My arms get so cold in the office and these are just perfect. They still allow me to type and answer the phone. There's only one thing I didn't like about them. Well, it's not with the gloves. It's with the designer. There are places she needed to have been more clear on instead of making the knitter 'assume' they know what she was talking about. I. HATE. THAT. It doesn't matter if it is is Knitting or Crochet. For Pete's sake designers, SPELL IT OUT. Don't make a person guess. Cause trust me. I can come up with 10,000 different 'I think this is right' kinda ideas and trust me, NONE OF THEM ARE RIGHT. I need it spelled out for me please! /Rant