Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly

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Here is another Butterfly that I finished up yesterday. I am horrid at sewing so I had to re-sew the 'body' onto the center of the wings. Now I think he looks a whole lot better.

This pattern took a couple of hours and it was worth it. I love it! Of course by now you all know I'm a Butterfly freak. But, anywho...... I had tried this pattern before a year or so ago, and my mind was just not into it. It was a horrid failure. And as of yesterday I decided to give it another go and this time it clicked for me.

This is another free pattern that can be found here: Fancy Crocheted Thread Butterfly.

I think this would look awesome sewn onto a Skirt, Shirt or Handbag! Cause I'm trying to 'Think Spring!'