Lovey Glovey's!

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This is the first pair of Knitted Fingerless Gloves I've ever made. And I love them! They keep my arms and hands so nice and toasty. My arms get so cold in the office and these are just perfect. They still allow me to type and answer the phone. There's only one thing I didn't like about them. Well, it's not with the gloves. It's with the designer. There are places she needed to have been more clear on instead of making the knitter 'assume' they know what she was talking about. I. HATE. THAT. It doesn't matter if it is is Knitting or Crochet. For Pete's sake designers, SPELL IT OUT. Don't make a person guess. Cause trust me. I can come up with 10,000 different 'I think this is right' kinda ideas and trust me, NONE OF THEM ARE RIGHT. I need it spelled out for me please! /Rant


knitguyla said...

They Are Awesome!! Dang, you are becoming quite the knitter. What's the pattern? If you like, we can send the designer anomymous nasty-grams!

Gloria P. said...

Fantastic gloves, love the color!

Krystal said...

J-....It was a free pattern I found on Ravelry. And now I know it wasn't just me having a little difficulty with her pattern! But someone helped me get through the minor confusion of the thumb gusset so it all turned out good! Until I started making the LEFT glove...which turned into me making another RIGHT glove because genius here apparently doesn't understand the instructions 'Reverse instructions for LEFT glove'. LOL