Purple Haze

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....Isn't that a Jimi Hendrix song? Anywho. This time, there's a project on the hook. I took a break from starting another Knitting project because Knitting seems to make my hands and fingers ache. It's a bummer to have arthritis at 33. *sigh*

So, I'm making an Afghan "Purple Haze". After the Snowflake Afghan I made last year for a charity auction I swore that I wouldn't make another one. At least for a very, very, VERY long time. But, I came across the Spiral Throw by Marilyn Losee (which by the way was the SAME designer of the Fingerless Gloves I just finished). I was scared. I admit it. I consider myself a seasoned Crocheter. There's not too many things that stump me in Crochet. But after the vague instructions (well to me anyways since I'm not a genius at knitting) in certain parts of the Fingerless Glove pattern I was hesitant about doing this throw. But believe it or not, so far this thing is RIDICULOUSLY easy! I mean, seriously. I have a terrible memory and I got the spiral pattern memorized after the 2nd motif. Only bad thing of this is, there's eleventy-billion ends to weave in. So I'm FORCING myself to do them as I complete each Motif. So far, so good. The pattern calls for 98 motifs (24 are done as of today 1/12/11) but I'm only doing them at my leisure. I can make a motif in about 10 minutes. So it really is super easy.

Now, right off the bat, the instructions say: "wrap yarn around finger to form a ring."......WHAT THE?!!!! Okay. Now to me, that can me one of 2 things. Make a Slip Knot or Magic Loop. I mean c'mon?!!! How HARD is it to say "Make a Magic Loop". See what I mean? GAH!!!! It's enough to make me pull my really short spikey hair out (Well only the gray hairs maybe) /Rant.

So, to end the rambling Here's my pic of the first 2 motifs that I made and sewed together. And the colors are White and Purple...Not Blue.. Apparently my camera doesn't like to photograph purple.

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