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I've embarked on my first Sock Journey. I have to admit, I was really first. But I've been watching some awesome videos on YouTube and this persons website. She makes it look SOOOOO easy. Which really, after I started, it kinda was. I mean, I've had my fair share of stressful moments. Because keep in mind, I'm not a good Knitter. I kept making stupid mistakes and dropping a stitch and making my stitches so tight this sock could be waterproof! So I restarted from the 1st sock I had cast on for. The shaping of the heel and the Gusset really threw me for a loop because I was watching a video for a totally different sock pattern but the concept is the same. I'm just not that smart at Math and trying to convert the # of stitches so it pertains to the pattern I'm actually working on was a little challenging for me. I'm happy to say the 2nd one is going much much better than the first one started out. So far..... The heel pattern is boxy which I don't like very much, but since it is my first attempt at a sock I'll just go with it. And find a better way to do it the next time around. I'm surprised at myself because I really am enjoying this. I honestly didn't think I would.

I started out using the Magic Loop Method and have ended up, as you can see, having to use DPN's. Which as you all know by now, I despise. Anywho....

Here's a progress pic.