Si` Capitan!

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Happy Independence Day everyone! And boy is it a hot one here in Tennessee! It was 97 degrees today and the power failed. Of all days! It was down for over 2 hours and my house got up to 84 inside! I felt like I was in a sweat box. Now I understand that term!

But, during all that 2 hours of power outage, I did manage to do some Knitting and I completed my first Knitted Hat. I really didn't think it was gonna live. Apparently I don't follow directions well. I ripped out the decreases at the top of the hat 4 times. F-O-U-R TIMES. I was getting so mad I was about ready to throw the whole stinkin' thing in the garbage. I wrote out each instruction all by itself. So if it told me to repeat a certain part 4 times, I wrote it out 4 times. Because my brain did not want to process this and keep track of where I was in the pattern. But it was all worth it in the end. I love this hat and I will make it again. And as always, free is good. So, if you haven't made this one yourself, hop on over to Ravelry and download it! The pattern is called "Capitan"

So now I present, Si` Capitan!